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S&W 686+ speed loader use


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  • S&W 686+ speed loader use

    I have a 686+, 7-shot .357 and am having difficulty with speed loader use. The loader contacts the upper grip area making insertion less than smooth. It is possible to use the speed loader, but it is not smooth and therefore not quick.

    The stocks on the gun are the rubber ones from S&W and the loaders I am using are the HKS brand.

    Do any of you know of a good set of stocks that would help or if there is a speed loader with a smaller outside diameter than the HKS?

    Any input appreciated, thank you.

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    Look here:
    A word of caution, they are VERY slick and may move around with full power loads, but they are handsome and conceal well

    Also try Ajax and Pachmayr (sp).

    I believe that they make miculek grips for the L-Frame now.

    You can also trim the rubber grips (I believe they are Hogues).


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      I don't believe that they are any smaller than the HKS speed loader, but I would recommend that you try out the Safariland Comp speed loaders. the have two points of contact and because of this they don't allow the ammo to rattle around like the HKS ones do. I've noticed that my reloads are much smother with the Comp that the HKS.

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        Thanks for the input guys, I think I'm on the right track. I tried trimming the factory grips down, but I took too much off and exposed the open areas of the frame. Now I'm shopping for new stocks, oh well.

        Have any of you heard of or tried these loaders:

        They're from a company called Maxfire: www.speedloaders.com
        They sound interesting, I might give them a try. I saw the Safariland ones mentioned and will probably have to choose between them and these Maxfires, but I haven't made up my mind yet.


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          Regrettably, safariland has not made the comp series for 7 shot revolvers. I don't know why, they would sell a ton of them.
          Yes, I have a set of the maxfires, I use them to load at the range but not for actual tactical/competition use.
          They are very decent, but occasionally drop rounds and they are not as fast as the HKS loaders, so I use them to load the first 7 rounds then use the HKS from there.
          There is one other option. Have your cylinder cut for full moon clips. Go to TK Custom for information.
          Not only can you use the moonclips, but you can still load and fire without the moonclips.
          The first upgrade I would recommend is having the chambers chamfered, this speeds reloads no matter how you reload.


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            Yeah, I just looked up the Safariland and couldn;t find the 7 shot listed, bummer because I like the way they operate (according to their description) with just a push of the button. I just ordered a Miculek grip and for the time being I guess I'll continue to practice with my HKS loaders.

            Good idea on the moon clips/custom work, I'm going to check out TK Custom now.


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