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Question for Sig p220 owners


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  • Question for Sig p220 owners

    Hi everyone,

    I own a SIG P220 that is about 10 years old or so. I currently have 2 magazines with the 7 round capacity. I was wondering if the 8 round magazines will work in this older model.

    I am assuming the 10 round mags won't work or would extend out of the butt too far.

    Strangely, Sig's website is out of stock on the 8 round mags and do not even sell the 7 round mags.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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    The 7 or 8 rd. mag is interchangable, just as in the 1911 platforms. The 10 rd. will also fit and function, they have a two piece "shoe" on the floorplate that makes them flush with the butt for the two extra rds. same as the 8 rd. mags for the 245.


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      Thanks a lot Mike.

      I was worried that maybe the models had changed and were incompatible. I would assume the 10 round mags make the 220 a bit too bulky. Any thoughts on the 10 round mag? I am not just talking about for target practice, but as a possible duty weapon in the future.


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        I'd generally stick with the newer, eight round capacity models. They're more reliable and you won't need to get custom magazine pouches to carry spares. Any covered magazine pouches are designed for the standard sized magazines and the "flap" usually isn't long enough to snap over the extended, ten round types. Within the pistol, the extended magazine protrudes from the bottom of the grip and isn't protected from knocks and bumps like a standard length magazine is. Stick with the eight rounders and you avoid all these issues.
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          The Sig 10 rd. mags are supplied with the 220R Combat...they come with the "shoe" or sleeve I mentioned earlier. The part is available separately, it's called a mag sleeve adapter and it's number is Sigp220SLV. You could just get one and see how it would work out for you.


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            I would keep the 10 round mags for your bail out bag. P220 mags, at least around me, are getting hard to find, so I went with some mags made by Novak. They are very high quality and work flawlessly. CC Tactical has them at a discount for LEO's and were fast to deliver them to me. Check them out!

            BTW, I am in no way affiliated with them!
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              I had called Sig and they said they currently have a "hold" on the 8 round magazines. All online sites I have checked say backorder or out of stock. They seem to be few and far between right now.

              I see those Novak mags are only twenty bucks. If they are just as good as factory mags, I may grab those. I have heard that non-factory mags in a P220 can pose problems, but that was not in reference to Novak.

              I also see that Novak is in Italy; the seven round mags I currently have are factory mags that were made in Italy. I wonder if there is a connection?


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