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  • Favorite Lube...

    Gun lubrication that is... get your mind out of the gutter

    What do you like and why?

    Which ones don't you like and why?

    Rem oil? Break Free? Kleen Bore Formula 3? Hoppes?
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    Miltec without question. I find it works very well, and stays with the gun. Other lubes I've used (generics really) have kinda dried up or wiped off. When I use MilTec it impregnates the metal in the gun, and generally leaves the gun with a "wet" appearance.

    The best way for initial application (from what I've been told) is to clean previous lube/dirt with solvent and clean the parts up as well as you possibly can. Lube all parts that you normally would on your weapon, then wipe the whole thing down with MilTec. Do this and fire 100 rounds or so, enough to heat the gun up. After this wipe the dirt down, wipe it down again with a very light coating of MilTec, and enjoy. If done properly, future cleanings can consist of just a general wipe down and light reapplication of lube.
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      MilTec or CLP
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        CLP for everything.
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          hoppes ( lots of it for my off duty cleaning) and break free.recently ,though the grease from pastrami sandwiches ( Johnnies' in culver city,CA) seems to work pretty darned good too- mmmmmmm, "johnnies"........( starts drooling)

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            I pretty much use break free/clp for everything......

            Although I may have to swing by Johnnies to try out DOAs idea
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              I used to use Break Free for everything.

              Now I've started using CorrosionX on a gun, sort of to test it out. Google it and I'm sure you can find the website. Its claim to fame is that it supposedly uses polar bonding to cling to the metal better than oils/greases (and leave only a super-thin film).

              It seems to cleam almost as well as Break Free. It cuts through heavy lead fouling in the bore pretty easily. If I had to say one works better I might give it to Break Free, but it's close.

              It lubes better than Break Free. In fact I've even started putting it on the hinges of squeaky doors all around my house. I'll do my squeaky car doors next.

              As for protection from corrosion, it works just as well as Break Free for me. I live in the desert, stuff doesn't rust very easily anyway.


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                I despise breakfree/clp. It doesn't clean very well at all, but I will admit, it is a pretty good lube. It does get everywhere though.
                Rem Oil works fine for pistols, bolt rifles and such. 3 in 1 oil also works, guess what the 3 in 1 means: cleans, lubricates and protects.
                Right now I am using liquid wrench dry-lube on my AR, it seems to be working quite well, but I haven't run a very many rounds through it. I use the dry lube on the bolt carrier and the inside of the receiver. For the bolt, I use a light viscosity gel called primis. It is an aerosol gel lubricant that seems to work really well.


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                  Sentry solutions Marine tough cloth it is awesome!


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                    Breakfree CLP or Rem Oil
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                      Break Free / Rem Oil.

                      I used TetraGun in the past on my HK and Kimber. Seemed to work very well, too.


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                        lubes and screws

                        Originally posted by DOAcop38 View Post
                        hoppes ( lots of it for my off duty cleaning) and break free.recently ,though the grease from pastrami sandwiches ( Johnnies' in culver city,CA) seems to work pretty darned good too- mmmmmmm, "johnnies"........( starts drooling)

                        still keep my LAPD academy frig magnet in plain view -"oil your slide or you may die" !!! its a locked in mantra.
                        "Your really a funny guy" "what? I make you laugh? You think i,m a clown?DOAcop38 ( from the movie goodfellas ). Look I used em all. Its like ice cream flavors. To each his own. For me it depends on mostly ambient temp, action, and what my target-game is. BTW theres a new chap aboard his handle is kraigwy, he's lookin for a back screw for his S&W mod 52-2 Thanks guys
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                          I use Break Free on pretty much everything except my 1911. I use Tetra grease on it.


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                            Fp-10. Its better than BF and does a better job of corrsion protection over Miltec.
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                              I like the old military LAW for cleaning, RIG for lub on my Super Match M1A and M1. I use RIG to protect the finish on all my guns. In the summer I use RIG on my target pistols and in the winter its WD40. WD40, with duck tape are the two inventions that made this country great.

                              NOW: I was told this is the place for knowledgable people. I need help. I need to find the rear elevation screw for my Smith & Wesson, Model 52-2. This it the 38 Wad Cutter target pistol. I called Smith, they no longer carry them. Any ideal where I might find one??



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