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  • My first AK...

    *Need Advice*

    Received my first AK in the mail today courtesy of the big brown truck.

    It's a Yugo M70AB1. Brand new US-made receiver and barrel (Century Arms).

    Along with firearm, I purchased 2 other items (which I thought would go on the rifle as soon as I got it home). I bought a UTG Quad-Rail kit (to replace front handguard) and a Tapco side-folding stock.

    Well, when I stripped it down and attempted to install these pieces, nothing worked.

    The quad rail doesn't seem to fit properly and there's no way to really tighten it down.... or make it work at all for that matter.

    The stock, I found, won't fit in this AK..... to get the old stock off, I had to unscrew the large bold from the butt of the rifle.... the Tapco stocks aren't meant to fit these, I guess.

    Does ANYONE have any advice on A) if I can do anything like this? and B) Are there any companies (Tapco included) which make parts for Yugos? As far as I can tell, the only thing different on this rifle are those TWO parts! Go figure! Anyhow, I'm pretty much out $100 as I can't really use these for anything.

    I'm pretty sure I can't change any of the furniture or customize it to my liking. I -didn't- know this when I ordered it. However, it's a VERY nice rifle... very tight and well-built. I'll live with it either way. Might trade it for a different AK, but I think I'd have a hard time doing so after how sought after they seem to be (just from reading forums, etc).
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    Well, AKs can either have milled or stamped recievers, so that could be your problem. Are you able to return the 4 rail hand guard? If so, since it doesnt fit right, you could look into something like an Ultimak gas tube. Heres the Ultimak, its a gas tube with a built on top rail. It looks like they have one specifically for the Yugo AK, which leads me to believe it is different than the others:



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      For the best AK info out there go to the following link. It is for akforum.net but the main URL (www.akforum.net) is not working. I found this one and it gets you in. You will need to sign up, its free. There is an entire section for the Yugos, the guys there will take care of you very quickly and give you the best advice. Ask for pics of their Yugos with rails and you will get them.



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        Oh yeah, nice AK you have there. I hear them Yugos are the tanks of AK's!


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          Thanks for the replies, fellas.


          Thanks. I checked out ultimak as that was one of the first sites that was mentioned in regards to my present issue. Their products are spendy spendy. I'll look into the gas tubes, though.


          Thanks for the link. I'm a member of ak-47.net, but not the other one. I'll check them out!


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            Tapco makes AK's Cry.
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              Might want to check Red Star Arms. Even if you don't buy anything, the catalog pictures are...motivational.


              Gunaccessories.com has a ton of AK stuff, though without the modeling help.

              I miss you, Dave.


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                I have gotten AK accessories from TAPCO and KVAR. I got the sights and trigger group from TAPCO and got the stocks form KVAR. Check out KVAR they might have what you need.
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                  Originally posted by CruiserClass View Post
                  Might want to check Red Star Arms. Even if you don't buy anything, the catalog pictures are...motivational.


                  Gunaccessories.com has a ton of AK stuff, though without the modeling help.


                  <----took the pics of some of the RSA girls that you see (just not those of the original Miss RSA)

                  ETA: on topic, ive got a M70 Yugo...biggest downside is the height of the buttstock. Beats the hell out of your cheek bone when trying to get a proper sight picture. Id suggest sand it down and refinish the wood, bend the rear trunion at a downward angle, or use it as is, but be careful/mindful of that buttstock. No need to loosen a tooth or two haha.

                  Nice rifles all in all. Built like tanks, to last.


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                    For those who use or want to use the akforum site I spoke of the new web address is:



                    Did you check the ak forum out yet? If so have the guys there answered your q's?


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                      I am looking at getting the following set up, any one with experience tell me what you think.

                      Arsenal arms slr 106 about $864.00 local gun store
                      either an aimpoint comp p3 or trijicon tri power $373 and $526
                      Ultimak multi rail forearm $220
                      Ultimak forward optic mount $104
                      and a saw grip $22
                      looking into an extending/collapsing stock that is compatible.

                      undecided on good sling but I will probably test a few out.

                      gun first then options in order of importance.

                      The only thing that can throw a wrench in this is the Magpull offering coming soon, my brother in law has a nice Arsenal of Bulgaria AK and I am really impressed with its capabilities compared to the m16's I used in the Corps and ar's since, out to the 300 yard line...


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                        Good choice w/the brand of AK you are looking to pic-up, these are my Arsenal AK's

                        The top one is the Stamped 107UR in 7.62x39 (soon to be a krink, it will look just like this when done:

                        Only difference w/mine will be the mounting of the optic, mine has a side mount scope rail which is how I will mount my optic, oh and this is a 106UR in .223).

                        The bottom AK is a milled 7.62x39 - model # SA M-7 A1R - this one will be getting optic on the side mount scope rail and maybe a different flash hider.

                        In terms of your question about the 106 I strongly suggest you sign up to www.theakforum.net and do some research - their search function works great. I have heard more bad things than good things about AK's in .223 but some have not had issues w/them. Oh, I don't work for theakforum, I just preach about them as they helped me get acclimated with ak weapon system.

                        Lastly you may wish to check these guys out for some decent prices on the Arsenals:
                        http://www.jensenarms.com/ Jensen's site is not that informative - you may wish to call for the models they have their pricing



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                          Also you may wish to check out this AK, its getting pretty good reviews on theakforum. It is Bulgarian and cheaper than the Arsenal's
                          AK-SSR-85C Bulgarian SSR-85C 7.62x39 Rifle
                          http://www.aimsurplus.com/acatalog/New_Rifles_.html (3rd gun down the page)
                          also for sale here:

                          Granted these are not in .223

                          I'll be going with the ACR (Masada) for the .223 fix but I'm going to wait a while b4 I purchase it, I want to see if there are any issues w/the system b4 I buy. Go w/an AK now, the system speaks for itself - I'd let the ACR hit the market and let it get some use/reviews b4 buying it.


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                            Thanks, I know the 106 comes in both 7.62 and .223 and will be going with the 7.62. I live in Missouri in an urban area and I doubt I will have chance to realistically take a shot at past 300 yards. You have to go to a special expesive range to keep up your long distance skills, and if I was so inclined I would choose an m1a or something like that. I am looking more for a good realiable assault style weapon.

                            I have heard of the other brands you mention, I don't want to rain on Chit's parade or insult a decent firearm, but all of the weapons being imported have US made non chrome lined barrels installed. That is why I am looking at the Arsenal it has a nice cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel made to the original steyr specs, and that is one of the things that aids in its abnormally high degree of accuracy. I like the veprs also but they don't take add ons, so they're out for now...


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                              Every Arsenal rifle w/a 106 model number is in 5.56 The 107's are in 7.62

                              I am not trying to steer you away from Arsenal if anything I would buy one of them, as I have but the SSR-85C does have a chrome lined barrel, so do Vectors, Lancasters and several others. You are correct the Yugos do not have chrome lined barrels but same is not really a concern if non-corrosive ammo is used w/proper cleaning.

                              I want a Yugo but I think I'm going to try and keep my collection at 2 AK's (if I can!)


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