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Concealment holster for a G27


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  • Concealment holster for a G27

    Can someone give me some advice on what kind of concealment holster would be best for a G27?

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    I like High Noon. www.highnoonholsters.com
    You will have to decide what mode of carry works best for you. In the waist, on the hip, ankle, etc. Do you have any retention requirements? I prefer an open top for concealed carry. You may not have that luxury, or may not want it. The above mentioned company makes some of the best holsters I have ever owned. I have purchased 6 holsters and a belt from them. Never been dissapointed. The one downfall is you will wait 3-6 months for your holster, but it is worth it. I just ordered another one for my .38 snubbie.
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      For on duty BUG, i use a Gould & Goodrich Bootlok, laces in with the boots and velcros so you can unzip your boots still.. very secure so far...


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        for an off-duty rig I use a Desantis Cozy Partner.

        It makes my G26 (exact same size) easy to carry anywhere in just about any type of casual dress.
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          Either a Serpa Blackhawk or an inside the pant Destantis prostealth for me.
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            I normally carry mine in a c-tac.

            I also like the crossbread holster that I carry my xd in.

            I just find the c-tac a little easier to draw.


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              I use a Galco Summer Carry IWB for my Glock 27. Its pretty comfortable and holds the Glock securely. The only thing I don't like about it is it doesn't sit far down in my pants. The holster feels like it is going to pop out sometimes because there is so little gun below the belt.


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                I use a DeSantis Dual Carry IWB Holster for my off-duty Glock 26. Great holster...

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                  I use the Desantis Diehard ankle rig. I enjoy it, but some may want the additional calf strap for greater support.


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