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      Originally posted by toasterlocker View Post
      Walther. They are generally considered to be than the SW, mostly because they are Tennifer treated like Glocks, but the SW versions aren't.

      Decocking isn't as easy as a Sig for example, but I consider that to be a very minor drawback considering the accuracy and superior ergonomics of the gun. The ambi mag release is also very nice, especially since my thumb can't reach the mag release on many other guns.

      Best. 9. Ever.
      That tennifer stuff is good to go versus the "melonite' stuff smith uses. I thought about getting one of those they have now in thinline subcompact. Im with you on the egroll namics (ergonomics} of them. I like the mag release set up too and even better the way the slide release is made longer than most I just worry about inadvertent release of the slide with my support thumb knuckle, I had that problem with the beretta's and would consistently release the slide when it was supposed to stay back so i would know i was out and needed a mag change instead of bringing the gun back up and having to get off two rounds in three seconds and the gun going "click" because i had an empty chamber and didnt know it.
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        I love my Walther P99 in .40! Just feels so good in the hands. On top of that the slide release is just awesome. It makes unloading/reloading extremely easy.
        I wouldn't worry too much about accidently dropping out the mag. The tension on the release is pretty high, you have to move it with a purpose.

        All in all a great weapon. Don't buy the SW knock off though...

        Just my .02
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          Here are a few of mine!
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            S&W M&P15 and G17

            DSA STG58C and Armalite M15A2 midlength

            S&W 686-6 +P

            not pictured:
            Gloc G36, S&W M19-3, Bushmaster AR build, Bersa Thunder, Sig 220, Beretta 92FS, Ruger P89, SA 1911-A1
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