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Sig misfeed???


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  • Sig misfeed???

    Seem to me a lot of Sig 220 fans in here so i'll ask a question:

    My sig, keeps feeding the rounds wrong and have to keep clearing it, is it the magazine or something more expensive.

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    Have you been shooting long? Could be "How" you are shooting it. If you are limp wristing a semi-automatic handgun it can cause FTE's.

    If you are relatively new to firearms you could ask someone more knowlegeable in hanguns to check you out.


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      Misfeeds come from:
      1) The magazine. Check your mags. Is it doing it with any mag you use.
      2) Ammo. Is the ammo out of spec reload stuff from cousin Bubba or factory-prduced in America? SIGs are pretty tolerant with ammo but I throw this out.
      3) The shooter. As in the above post.

      Also check the feed ramp and the ejector and make sure everything looks clean.


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        If you have one of the first series of new Sig P220 Stainless Steel handguns, the first SS series with light rails on the bottom, the problem may not be on your end.

        I've been carrying & qualifying with a Sig P220/.45 for years. But we were issued a second P220 with a Picatinny rail for tactical team operations when Sig first came out with the new generation of stainless P220's.

        I've NEVER had a bit of problem with my older P220 without the rails. But the newer issue SS P220 with the rails would sometimes mis-feed or fail to lock to the rear after the last round. My grip was the same for both handguns.

        I believe Sig has since solved the problem. It may be worth sending your P220 back to Sig for some adjustment.

        Good luck!


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          been shooting since late 80's and i am comfortble with my shootng skills, pretty much narrowed it down to the mag. bought it used and it came with the mag. ..ty for the replies.


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            Can you explain how it was feeding the rounds wrong? For personal knowledge, I would like to know. Thanks.
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              I have had some problem also with an older Sig 220 (bought in 1994). I belive it was the 13 year old mags that was issued with the weapon. Somtime it shoots flawlessly, then there are times I cannot makem it thru a mag. Also I know that Sig's donnot like wolf ammo. My Chief got a case (trying to save money) and everyone's Sig had problems. I have had mostly FTF problems. The Sigs have retired so it is not an issue, we now carry Glocks 22 (like everyone else around us, not that it is a bad thing). However, I asm trying to get new 8 round mags for my old Sig, I then might try to get it back into service. I like the 45 .
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                Yep, bad or cheap ammo or dented magazines will jam up even the best quality firearm.

                We use Speer GDHP. Like I said, never a problem with the older Sig P220.

                Hope you get it worked out.


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                  Had the same problem with two magazines. Once I replaced the springs, no problem.


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                    Surely you jest, there is no way possible the almighty Sig Sauer could misfeed or have a malfunction.....JK by the way, but I have a Sig P220 that I got in about 93 new and have not had one problem with it even with the old original expensive mags. The only other mags I juse for it are the Mecgar mags and they are also old and have worked fine as well.
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                      Not to dogpile, but my money would be on either the mag spring or ammo.

                      However if these don't solve the problem, you might need new springs for your weapon itself. They recommend changing them every 5k rounds or so.

                      Just my .02
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                        how would on find out when the weapon was made????? bought it used in 2005.


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                          if you email the company with the serial number, they would be able to tell you.
                          "All statements made shall be protected by the First Ammendment to the U.S. Constitution in which I have sworn an oath to protect."

                          Just don't expect me to agree with yours...


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                            I Am A Sig Armorer And Would Put Money On Bent Feed Lips On Mag.

                            The Type Of Spring In The Mag Should Last You For Ever Unless The Person You Bought It From Tried To "customise" It.

                            Always Mark Your Mags No Matter What Make You Have That Way When You Get A Problem You Can Tell Which One It Is.

                            Do You Have Feed Problems With All 3 Mags? Doubt It But If You Do The Next Thing I Would Check Is The Feed Ramp Make Sure There Are No Burrs On It (from Dropping Barrel When Not Assembled) Check By Feel Or Use Cotton From A Cotton Ball If There Is A Burr Use Jewelers Polish And You Should Be Able To Smooth It Out.

                            As To The Trigger Bar Spring And Others Last I Knew They Were Ok For Upto 10k Rounds.
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                              Go to there are many threads on the subject. Currently I have to send my P220 Carry SAO back to Sig for multiple FTFs.

                              This is a well known issue on currently produced P220s. It seems the "Carry" models are more prone to this.
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