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  • Glock 47

    So do CBP get to choose between the Glock 19 and Glock 47 or are they assigned based off of port of entry or whatever? Is it really that much better than the 19?

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    Our department went with the Glock 45 for patrol....basically a Glock 17 bottom and Glock 19 top. I still prefer the Glock 19 overall, hope you get a choice.


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      So the 47 is basically a 17 barrel/slide on a 19 frame? I own both the 17 and 19, but I am issued the 19. You miss a little bit of sight radius with the 19, but I like that it’s lighter and that I clear the top of my holster slightly faster.


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        The extra half an inch makes a big difference in getting the sight picture?


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          Not an incredible amount. It’s not the difference between a 26 and a 19 for example. The more sight radius the better though. I think the 19 is the perfect blend of accuracy, weight, ergonomics. Big enough to fight with, small enough to conceal. I only carry concealed though per my agency policy.

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        Ok cool. Sounds like the little DHS super limited edition stamp is the actual upgrade.


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          Glock 47 specs:

          • The Glock 47 apparently puts a full-length slide on a G45 frame, with a barrel length identical to that of the Glock 17 – but the G17 slide will apparently not fit on a G47. That said, according to TFB, the end-user can swap the G47 slide for the G19 slide.

          • Glock 19X magazines, G17 mags, G34 mags, and G45 mags are said to be compatible.

          • It is said to feature a flared magwell and a match grade GMB (Glock Marksman Barrel)

          Interesting, but kinda weird....


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            CBP/OFO has pretty much gone with the G19. The "average" CBPO won't touch the G47.


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