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Acog and RMR combo.


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  • Acog and RMR combo.

    I got an acog TA110 (green chevron) at the beginning of May. Anyone have experience with running an acog with an RMR mounted to it?

    And before anyone asks, yes it got mounted to a worthy rifle (Daniel Defense DDM4V7). The aimpoint comp M4 went on my 516 build.

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    We ran the standard M150 ACOG with RMR during our deployment. I didn't mind it after a while and after plenty of range time. The only issue I had was that I constantly hit the RMR while moving or getting in/out of the truck. Mine didn't break or have any noticeable shift in zero but did have 1 or 2 get broken in the company.


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      Did you guys run the battery powered or tritium powered rmrs? I figured it would be an add on that would get caught up on things with the increased height profile.

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    I ran a TA01 with the old Jpoint RDS years back in Iraq. Since then I’ve tried various ACOGs and RMRs. They’re convenient and fast. The ACOG is a reliable optic with good optical quality, and it’s a battle proven optic with several wars and conflicts under its belt. The RMR is a reliable optic that has seen a lot of use over the last 5+ years on top of pistols, or being used as rapid transition optics on rifles.

    The downsides are that the ACOG has a tight eyebox and eye relief, and it’s a fixed power optic so what you see is what you get. With a stacked optic like the RMR on top, you have a very high height-over-bore (HOB) that you have to account for at close range. The shift is something like 4-5” high at the muzzle. RMRs with dual illumination (tritium/fiber optic) seem like a good idea, but they’re not. They have significant washout issues and they’re not adjustable in any way. The fiber optic will always work to the end of time, but the tritium inside has a 12 year half-life and is generally so dim after about 10 years that it’s basically unusable. Tritium is expensive to replace, to the tune of $160 for an RMR (and upwards of $590 for an ACOG, but not applicable to the LED model obviously). There are warranty caveats to this for UNDER 10 years from what I understand. However, compare the $160 for the RMR tritium to replacing the CR2032 battery in an RM06 adjustable LED at the cost of ~$1.50 per year, or a whopping $15 for ten years.

    The cost is also an issue, because the initial purchase price of everything is upwards of $1700 if you buy a quality QD mount with it. That’s in the realm of a lot of high quality LPVOs. For that money, you have to be certain that you don’t want an LPVO instead with variable zoom capabilities and higher or lower magnification.
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