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  • Windham Weaponry R16m4ftt-sbo3

    I am considering buying a Windham Weaponry R16m4ftt-df03 and was curious to know opinions from those not trying to sell one to me. Everything I have read has been positive and it seems to be a rifle that fits my needs. This gun is available to LE only and I am purchasing it through the individual officer program, but what separates this particular model making it only available to LE?

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    Could be a slew of things. 1. They don't have a large enough manufacturing process that allows them to make firearms for the commercial/civilian market. 2. With the political climate they may not want to open themselves for liability claims (ie the politicians wanting to hold gun manufacturers accountable for some looney toon shooting innocent people). 3. The LE market is smaller than the commercial market, so there's possibly less competition.

    Sig sauer as an example for discussion purposes has a few models only available to LE. The 516 is still available to LE, despite being discontinued on the commercial market. That is because there are still departments and armed services that use it. Commercially the rifle didnt do as well as they hoped, so its been discontinued. Black nitron finished legion models are also available only to LE (i have one). The pricing is different (about 200 dollars cheaper) and its blacked out to comply with uniform standards.


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      Windham Weaponry is essentially the old owners of Bushmaster trying to get out from under lawsuits brought by survivors and families of the victims of the DC sniper attacks.

      Their products are mostly civilian spec entry level rifles and AR pistols.

      I wouldn’t take one to Iraq, but short of that they are adequate for gun games, civilian self defense and riding around in a patrol car.

      There usually isnt isn’t anything significantly different between “LE Only” models and others... when there are differences the LE models usually involve less expensive options and manufacturing processes.

      Often LE Only marking is just a marketing ploy... Colt being an example.
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        Is there really a rifle called the "R16m4ftt-df03"? That sounds like what would show on the computer screen if one was starting a family with her sitting on the keyboard...


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