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Short Barrel Rifle/ATF Form 1 question


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  • Short Barrel Rifle/ATF Form 1 question

    Im looking to be doing an SBR build soon with a sig 516 upper receiver soon. Have any of you guys went through the process of building your own and doing the whole e-file process with the ATF? If so does the request have to be filed through the local PD of your area or the county? This will be my first time doing this, and I have no idea as to how this whole process works other than having to pay $200.00, provide photos, and finger prints.

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    Former ATF guy here. The Form 1 or 4 has a Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) copy that needs to be sent to your local police chief or sheriff.

    I have personally done an e-Form 1 and a Form 4. My suggestion would be to find a gun store with a Special Occupational Tax (SOT) that allows them to deal NFA firearms. Its a pretty easy process but takes forever thanks to bureaucratic quagmire that is the Dept. of Justice (ATF & FBI CJIS).
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      There's one nearby that from the reviews I was reading will do it. The receiver market is pretty barren right now (looking to get a wilson combat mil spec possibly). I might just go about purchasing all the needed parts then doing the lower receiver thing last.

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    The e-form through the ATF website was great, and very quick.

    The below is a great site with step by step don't have to have a trust, great common questions answered.

    50-state online NFA gun trusts prepared by a very experienced Texas NFA gun trust attorney and delivered instantly by email


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      Update: decided to do a brace instead, its by far the heaviest "pistol" I currently have.


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