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  • Airsoft pistols

    anyone ever compare there real pistol to a airsoft one? i just bought the KWA Gas blowback G19 it looks and feels just like the real glock (expect for the orange tip) its about 2 lbs.. if any1 wants to see a pick let me PM me

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    Probation Officer here in Nor Cal. Yep, they're too damn close to the real thing...very dangerous. We came across one last week on a felony warrant service/probation search at one of my dirtbags homes. We found it in his son's room while looking for dope. The moron bought it for his 10 year-old son to play with. It was on the floor, near the head of the bed. Looked and felt EXACTLY like my G22...with the exception of the orange tip.

    I gave my felon a firm lecture (as he went 10-15) on the danger of it. What a great way to get you or your 10-year old son shot! The things should be outlawed.


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      yea i think they should make them b like pink color or something lol or at leasst something so it doesnt look the same... but its great if u want to learn how to shoot and all before getting the real thing


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        Well, IMO Airsoft guns look to close to real thing. In a dim lit situation it can be easily mistaken for a real firearm and I am not going to wait to see if it has a orange tip. These Airsofts need to be more identifiable as a toy.
        Conduct every traffic stop extending the olive branch of peace; while having a tactical plan to kill everyone inside the vehicle. - Gordon Graham


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          They're great for training purposes - Non-lethal, cheap to operate/maint., can be used with your duty holsters. Much cheaper and safer than simunition and more realistic than paintball markers.

          However the fact that you can go down to the flea market and pick up a cheap, very realistic looking airsoft gun, for $10 really scares me. It all comes down to parenting in the end.

          And the orange tip isn't gonna stop me. The first time a BG finds out we look for orange tips, they all start painting their real steel's orange.


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            The good Airsofts like KWA cost serious money (~$200) and are NOT designed to be a toy. They are a good training tool. I know a number of professional trainers who use them for Force-on-Force training. I bought one so that I could get more (cheap) training in my back yard vs. running to the range and blowing $60 in ammo. They are weighted and operate like the real thing, as a good training tool should.

            What someone does with them (criminal activity, paint them black, etc.) is a whole 'nother story.

            There are plenty of airguns that cost $20-30 that are designed to be a toy. Those indeed should be colored plastic, thru and thru.

            If someone points an Airsoft at me and it appears to look like a real gun, bad on them because the one I point back won't be a toy! Even our liberal courts have held that if a "reasonable man" might think it was real, self-defense is appropriate. [A good friend and fellow officer was rather upset that he drew down on two Darwin candidates that stupidly pointed an Airsoft at him. As I told him, if a 13-16 yo is that stupid to point ANYTHING that looks like a gun at a police officer in uniform, he needs to make sure that he goes home to his Wife and Kid at the end of his shift . . . period!]


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              I have several: 2 Glocks and 1 AR. I use them during training.


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                They're great for training and hurt like hell.


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                  The reason Airsoft guns are so realistic is because they were originally designed as training tools, not toys or other "recreational" purposes. Of course, as we all know, Airsoft guns are popping up everywhere...many of them in the hands of teenagers...with them being used in pseudo-sports.

                  And, yes, they're extremely realistic. Some right down to the manufacturer's stamps. I've personally pulled kids out of vehicles at gunpoint because they had Airsoft pistols pitting on the passenger seat and been involved with a felony stop when some stupid kid decided to wave an Airsoft gun out of a car window at someone walking down the sidewalk. Unfortunately, kids don't understand that pointing an Airsoft gun at a police officer could get them dead, even though the "gun" isn't actually dangerous. They think that, because it's just a toy, an officer won't shoot them.
                  "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you."
                  -Friedrich Nietzsche


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                    Sorry, but I can't understand why a kid >12 yo wouldn't understand that you NEVER point anything that looks like a gun/knife at a cop??

                    Was I brought up that much more "aware" than today's kids? My Parents never had to tell me this, it was just common sense.

                    Sorry, but if one wants to do that, having a real gun pointed back at them is just a reality that they will have to get used to . . . assuming they survive the incident. And any LEO must understand that they HAVE to assume the worst and it's not the LEO's fault if they have to take action which leads to Darwin claiming another moron.


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                      Yeah , KWA training aids are suppose to be realistic but I was referring to these Airsofts you can purchase at the local Walmart.
                      Conduct every traffic stop extending the olive branch of peace; while having a tactical plan to kill everyone inside the vehicle. - Gordon Graham


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