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Quality Ankle Holster?


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  • Quality Ankle Holster?

    What is a good ankle holster for a S&W J-frame revolver? When I say "good" I mean one with quality construction, not to bulky, won't flap around when running after a suspect, and not to heavy. I would especially like the opinions of officers who have carried a J-frame in an ankle holster and have had to run with it on.

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    I limit the number of foot pursuits I engage in these days. If they're worth catching, they're worth setting up a perimeter on. That said, check out the DeSantis Apache. It's nylon and velcro. If you're carrying one of Smith's ultra lights (titanium or scandium framed models), it's extremely secure. I've also carried a (stainless) Model 640 and it's worked fine. Now when I use it, I carry a Sig-Sauer Model 245. DeSantis advertises this holster for P220s, but I think they got the model wrong. No one in their right mind would carry one of those big guns on an ankle rig!

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      I carry a Smith&Wesson M&P 340 in an Uncle Mikes ankle holster, with a thumb break retention snap. It seems to be fairly high quality and has a wide-banded velcro strap for the main holster part. It also has a detachable support strap that goes up above your calf. I've done some running with it and haven't had any problems. I keep it right down where it rests on the top of my boot so I can keep it secure without making the strap so tight it cuts off circulation. The gun is only 12 oz. so it's hard to know it's there, but the holster has worked well with me. I carry it in the akle holster off-duty sometimes too and don't even now it's there.

      I've never tried any other brand of ankle holster so I can only comment on the the Uncle Mikes.

      Here's a link: http://www.uncle-mikes.com/adtemplat...catky2=2000319


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        I carry a Glock 27 in a Galco ankle holster. It's like wearing nothing, very comfortable. I've had the same one for 9 years now. I imagine a J-frame would be the same.


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          PaRoadDawg - which model do you have? I see there are a few different styles...


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