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  • First HG Purchase

    i am ready to purchase my first hand gun.... however, i am not really sure what to get. i did some reasearch on various guns (glock, s&w, sig, hk). they all have awesome features and they all range in prices. so i am just looking for some advice on what i should get.

    my experience:

    little... i have shot the glock 17 & 19 at the range. i shot a .45, dont remember who made it, but i think it was too strong to start with. i m looking for a 9mm to practice with. i figured that if i can getting my shooting dialed in before the academy then it is one less thing to worry about.

    so shoot me some opinions on a HG that i should start with....


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    first hand gun

    I would recommend that you look into what Gun the departments you want to work for issue, and buy that.
    I have a personal preference of the gun in my opinion, but the departments that I want to hire on with shoot the Glock 22, so I have one of those too....I am going to carry that when I graduate from the reserve academy next month.

    but like I said, look at getting what you will probably need.
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      best thing to do is go to the local range and maybe rent a few potential choices. There are guns you "want" and guns you can actually shoot with, meaning rent a few and see whats the most comfortable for you. In the end, if you can't hit the target, what good is it?
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        thanks for the info.... i will be at the range again... i should be making the purchase this week...


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          What's wrong with a revolver? As an NRA Certified Range Officer and handgun instructor, I like to recomend a revolver to those who are looking for a first gun. Autos are great, look cool and sexy, but are a bit of a chore. They need to be taken care of and can be very finiky when it comes to ammunition choice. A well misplaced piece of trash can turn a $2,000 Les Baer 1911 into a pretty paper weight. A revolver will more than likely go bang everytime you pull the trigger if there is a round in the chamber, no matter how dirty it is.
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            Sorral sort of has the right idea.....if you're getting the gun to brush up before the academy, then getting the handgun you'll eventually carry makes sense. If not, if it's going to be a situation where you will have the opportunity to provide your own handgun, then try them all out. Go handle them, try to shoot them, etc. Pistols aren't one-size fits-all......quality is generally comparable, but some people just can't make certain guns work well for them in terms of comfort and confidence. Once you figure that out, any pistol from a reputable brand will work well for you.
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