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Requirements for a Learner's .22 Pistol


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  • Requirements for a Learner's .22 Pistol

    Requirements for a Learner’s .22 Pistol

    Recent archaeological finds in the Holy Land have revealed that Moses got some additional commandments regarding handgun training which have been lost for centuries. I disclose them herewith:

    1. Thy pistol shall have adjustable sights. Poor sight picture is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. (Whose eyes, having been present at the Creation, are well over 20 years old and therefore not as spry as they once were).

    2. Thy pistol shall be safe to dry-fire without harm to it, for as long as your days shall last.

    3. Thy pistol shall be chambered for .22 Long Rifle, for the makers thereof shall bring forth as many cartridges as there are stars in the sky.

    4. Thy pistol shall have a barrel not less than one fourth part of a cubit (about 4.5”) in length.

    5. Thou shalt practice with thy pistol at least on half part of an hour every day. Whilst tending thy flock in the hours of light, or by dry-firing in thy dwelling at night. Every day excepting o the Sabbath shall thou practice until Good Habits of Sight Picture and Trigger Control are learned. (When thy enemies press thee, or when Democrats are in office, then mayest thou practice on the Sabbath also).

    6. Thou shalt focus thy gaze on thy Front Sight, forsaking the Rear Sight, and yea, even thy Target itself – thou shalt cleave thy focus to thy Front Sight.

    7. Thou shalt Squeeze thy trigger, and not be over-hasty to jerk.

    8. Thou shalt honor thy elders and the instructors they appoint for thee. And thou shalt practice as they shall tell thee. Nor shalt thou refuse aid to any novice seeking thy guidance, but thou shall teach others as thou hast been taught, as best thou at able to do so.

    9. After use, thou shalt clean thy pistol, and anoint it with oil smelling of bananas to cleanse and purify it.

    10. Thou shalt keep ty pistol in a place wher it will not rust, nor fall into careless hands. Nor shall thou allow thy pistol to be taken by evil-doers, nor surrender it to hypocrites or politicians.

    Once upon a time, it was possible to have the priest bless your ammunition and cleaning oil, but this is seldom practiced anymore.

    Source unknown (a copy was posted on a bulletin board I saw back in the ‘90’s)

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    Well, sounds like you perfectly described a Ruger MkIII/45.
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      He wouldn't have commanded this!

      Never dry fire a .22 rimfire! You'll break the firing pin. If you can find snap caps for .22s, this may offer an exception. Otherwise, I'd suggest getting a centerfire pistol or revolver for dry firing practice.
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        Yeah, a Ruger MK 2/3 is the ticket. I just got my 2nd one. I really regret selling the first one.
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          Yeah, tho thou walkest with a .22, a quality air pistol will allow thou to practice winthin thy own walls. And, since the pellet movest slower, thou shalt focus upon follow through. Then shalt thou compress these elements of sight alignment, trigger control, and follow through, in thy training for a real defensive pistol, which shalt be of the central fire manner.

          Now go forth, and sin no more!
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