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Sig Romeo 5 micro - anyone running one?


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  • Sig Romeo 5 micro - anyone running one?

    Anyone running the Sig Romeo 5 micro https://tacticsfaq.com/sig-sauer-romeo-5-review/ ? If so, holding up to the paces ok?

    I got a chance to look through one today at the range in the showroom mounted on a m400 display rifle and I gotta say, I was VERY impressed with the glass clarity in comparison to both my PA MD-ADS and My Holosun 503GU......I may even like it better than my Aimpoint T2! The body of the Micro seemed to vanish better than that of my PA, Holosun and Aimpoint as well when looking through it both eyes open.
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    The only thing I would say about Sig is from what I have seen from numerous forums is that the customer service is hit and miss. Full disclosure I have a Legion 220 and P226 Mk 25 and haven't had to deal with their CS, so I can't provide any experience regarding that. I originally looked at a romeo sight for my daniel defense DDm4v7, and decided to go with aimpoint instead. The reviews for the romeo 5 have been positive for the most part from what I've seen. Me personally I would take my current aimpoint Comp M4 or a Comp M5 over the sig romeo, strictly due to their battery type. If you decide to get a romeo sight Palmetto state armoury was running a bunch of promotions on the Sig sights not long ago.


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      I wouldn't take anything that isn't Aimpoint or Trijicon to Iraq but for stateside use the SIG Romeo 5 is fine.

      I've seen lots of people using them in the Tactical Games, 3 gun and so on.
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        I'm running one on my PSA AR pistol. I really like this sight. I have an Eotech and an Aimpoint PRO on other carbines. The unobstructed view of the Sig is superior IMO, to the PRO and equal to or better than the Eotech.
        As far as reliability, it has been bouncing around in my trunk through sub zero winters/100 degree temps in the summer and is still holding its zero.
        Probably not tough enough for the sandbox but great for a duty weapon. Also love the motion activated illumination. Shuts down when dormant/ on when picked up.


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          I've have a lot of them. They are often on sale for <$120 and are probably the best option on the market at that price point. I've beat on a few and would recommend blue loctiting the cheap plastic adjustment caps and mount screw for duty\defensive use.


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