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  • Kel-Tec P32

    I am a proud owner of a Kel-Tec P32 and love it I can hide it anywhere. Before I bought the P32 I shot the .380 round and I did not like the bite I received from it. My question is can the P32 shoot a .32 ACP +P round? I know the hotter they burn the better. What is the bite like when shooting a +P rnd vs a .32 rnd?
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    1. Sig 226
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    I'm not aware of any factory .32ACP +P rounds, although you could almost consider the Corbon .32 load to be near +P levels. With the action of the Kel-Tec, I'm pretty sure it will hold up ok. The only thing to watch for is rimlock. With the semi-rimmed design of the .32ACP, a hot load in a light-weight pistol like the P32, could cause the rounds in the magazine to move around during recoil and cause a round to get locked behind the rim of the round under it. Check out this site:


    Lots of good stuff and some info on preventing rim-lock. There are some kits that can be easily installed.

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      Funny you should mention this pistol. I plan on stopping by my local dealer this week on my day off and picking up the same gun. Good to hear you're happy with your choice.


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        I have a Kel-Tec .32 that I have carried since 2001. It functions fine, and hits what I shoot at, but it is a .32! You want something more powerful, buy a 9mm, don't try juicing up the mouse gun. By the way, Kel-Tec has has some magazine problems. If your weapon fails to feed or eject, the absolute FIRST thing to try with the Kel-Tec is a new (or different) magazine.


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          I carry a P3at as a BUG and load it with Triton .380+P HP's. It barks and bites when I light one off but since the .380 is almost exactly the same size and weight as the .32 I'm willing to take the added recoil and muzzle blast for the return I get in bullet performance (such as it is, being a .380). I do not shoot the +P rounds on a regular basis, just a mag full every now and then when practicing to remind me what they shoot like.

          As an aside, I just had to qualify with it last week, the same 50 rd course of fire we use for our duty guns - from the draw, from ready, standing, prone, kneeling, moving, failure drills, etc. from 3 to 25 yards - we shoot the course twice, back to back and I'm proud to say I shot a 49/50 and a 48/50 (25yds is a looong way with a 3" sight radius!). Had zero malfunctions and out shot some other guys that were qualifying with their duty weapons, surprising because we had to qualify as we carry which meant I was drawing and shooting left handed since I carry it opposite my duty gun. I'd switch back to right hand during reloads and when shooting from the ready gun. It was a good day at the range!!


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            i wasnt much of a fan of a 32acp until I bought a Beretta Tomact 32.
            Personally I liked the winchester silvertips. if memory serves me, they were loaded hot.


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