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  • Kel Tec Question

    I was looking to pick up a light weight auto for off duty carry during the warmer summer months. I looked at a Kel Tec 380 today. I have never shot this weapon and was looking for opinions from those that have shot and/or purchased one. The gun retails for $300 locally.

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    All your questions answered and more.


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      i just sold my gun to a buddy of mine.... it is a GREAT gun...the keltec is the lightest .380 on the market. with 6 in the clip and 1 in the chamber, it weighs in at 10.8oz. not too shabby...

      definitely pick it up, its a great gun!

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        I have one that I carry as a BUG and occasionally off-duty. I like it alot, I've never had any trouble with it, it is accurate for it's size and functions perfectly. I'd recommend it for what you are looking for.


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          I have been carrying mine for about 3 years. Conceals well and is light weight which are important attributes when you're in a 100 degree Mississippi summer. Just make sure you break it in properly with about 500 rounds before you start carrying it. Mine would have a stoppage or two during the break in period but since then I haven't had any problems with it.


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            is their any reliability issues with tthe Kel tec pistols??


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              IceMan - I actually got one of those lemons, a p-11. It had some serious issues with stove piping no matter what ammo was used.

              I was lucky enough to be in the area of their factory and took it in to be looked at. They fixed it all on the spot and installed a carry clip for no charge, no questions. They have some great customer service.

              Now the p-11 seems a bit bulky for a BUG, so I think I may downsize to a 380.


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