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  • Going down the same rabbit hole?

    More and more these days I am seeing adds for "Hi-Tech" rifles/rifle scopes and all that goes with it. It seems that gone are the days of the 4X scopes and you noggin. You have sub-MOA rifles with super duper high powered scopes that connect to your phone so that you can enter what you get from your environment station that is attached to your platform on top of a tripod so that all you have to do is put the red dot on something and squeeze the trigger.

    Don't get me wrong, I am all for technology but, really. I don't want to spend what my car costs to get a rifle and all the equipment. I am not even sure that I want the military to go that way. What happens when something malfunctions or is broken. Is the person going to have to stop and say, "Time out, my rifle is broken." Not sure about you guys and gals but, when I go hunting I like to know that there was skill involved. I made the shot that mattered. WTF, we are becoming a lazy society in so many ways.

    I have seen shows about the pilots in Vietnam. At the beginning of the war they were having issues because they didn't know how to dog fight. They started a Top Gun school to train the pilots to dog fight and the kill ratio got better. I have a good scope and a range finder. The rest better be on me.
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    I agree with you on this. A few years ago I was reading an article about deer hunting, and the author was espousing all the benefits of the newest uber magnum cartridges. Flattest shooting, hottest load, hits like a sledgehammer. They only cost you your first born child.

    I’m from the other end of the spectrum. Both of my deer rifles were made in the 80s, the same as me. Both chambered in classic whitetail cartridges: .270 Winchester and.35 Remington. Both shoot ammo commonly found at your local walmart. And both drop deer effectively.

    It’s funny you mention pilots in Vietnam, in this thread about firearms reliability. When I was in Iraq we we just starting to issue the brand new FNH M3M heavy machine gun. The thing had a lot of problems and consistently jammed. You know what didn’t malfunction? The XM-218, which is essentially a variant of the venerable M2. I never had a problem with that.

    I like equipment that works and has a proven track record. Whether it’s a rifle, chainsaw or my pickup truck. I’m not a fan of the latest, greatest thing.
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      The variable here is the exponential growth of technology within the last 10-15 years, and specifically within the last 5 or so. Rifles are getting more “advanced”, but they’re getting more accurate and better quality (except Remington). The bar has been raised so much that every company is being forced to compete. Gone are the generic stocks, and here are the chassis that meet mission requirements to mount a bipod, IR designator and NV/thermal. What we thought we knew about ballistics was blown out of the water by 6mm and 6.5mm class cartridges, and that has increased hit percentage. The glass is the real winner, because now we have higher grade glass across the board, with midrange and lower range scopes offering viable capability, and top range scopes having apochromatic glass that is unmatched.

      Point being is that everyone wins with new shooting technology.

      The only problem is the electronic triggers, like TrackingPoint. Thing is though, skill has proven to be better than technology in that instance, so I’m not really worried about SkyNet and Judgement Day just yet.
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        Originally posted by Reedo View Post
        Rifles are getting more “advanced”, but they’re getting more accurate and better quality (except Remington).
        It’s a sad fact about Remington. I was always a big fan of Big Green and own several of them. That said they’ve had some real issues in the last few years. I hope they straighten things out because Remington Arms is a huge part of Central NY.
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          I'm a varmint shooter and have been for 25 years. It's the only hunting that's 100% trigger time 100% of the time, if you go to the right spots, like eastern Oregon where ground squirrels build huge colonies in alfalfa pivots. You could spend $10K on a caribou hunting trip in Alaska and never pull the trigger once, or you could spend $800 on a sage rat trip to Oregon and burn through two bricks of .22 ammo a day (seriously).

          When I first got into it the sport, all anyone used was a Ruger 10/22 and a 4x scope, total cost $150. I let the air out of more whistle pigs than I could ever count with that gun and when I estimate the total number over the years in the tens of thousands, I'm not exaggerating.

          Anyways, nowadays people are paying $$$ for .17hmr rifles and Vudo scopes, like $2K, and I doubt they are shooting any more squeeks than I did with my cheap Ruger....
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