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What is the best Hicap 45acp?


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  • What is the best Hicap 45acp?

    I love the XD45 Tactical but for the price now that went up I might just might as well get the USP or the MK23 H&K. SO here are my choices give me some input and opinions especially those who have shot them.

    XD Tactical-H&K anything-Taurus Pro24/7(Price just too hard to ignore at $419!) and finally the new Para LDA Hi-cap .
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      Kind of depends on what your needs are I guess......the HK Mk23 is joked at as being the "original crew-served handgun" and probably isn't cross-shopped much with the XD45, which is my favorite high-capacity .45. That grip size and balance makes it oh-so-easy to shoot, and that trigger is to me much easier to shoot well than GLOCK's (though I love GLOCKs).

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        I have carried a 1911 in one variety or another for nearly 20 years. GI models, Mil-Spec models, Operators, Kimbers, Colts, Springfield Armory. I've carried a Sig P220, early on (wish I had that one back).

        I've held but never fired a G21. I own and shoot the XD 45 ACP in the long slide and compact models (I own them but don't carry them on duty). They come very close to the "crew-served" catagory because they are fairly large weapons . . . even the compact . . . but I have never fired any 45 ACP that is as accurate, soft recoiling and utterly reliable as the XD 45 ACP (at least the two that I own).

        Ask some of the guys from Tucson PD how they feel about the HK handguns. I can't comment because I have no personal knowledge of them but I was the victim of volumnious tirade by a lieutenant from Tucson PD one day at FATs 4 school in Phoenix (edit: back in 2001 or 2002). I thought this guy was going to cry before he ceased his childish tirade and all I did was make the mistake of asking how they liked their HKs. I pity the guys who work for that dude.

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          I love the Glock 21. I carried one for years and is probably my favorite handgun of them all. I have yet to experience the XD45, but am very intrigued by it. As far as the Para LDA, don't. It seems like a good idea, but the trigger falls very short in practice. Its nearly impossible to get it to fire smoothly. If you want a 1911 style gun, you can get a high-cap version in a standard SA. Its much better then the LDA.


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            The LDA has a nice trigger, but I don't have much experience with it. In a 1911 configuration, I'd still go with a single action.

            The HK USP is a very nice gun, but the trigger is not (in my opinion) nearly what it should be for that price or what you'd expect from an "elite" brand name. Sig, Springfield XD, Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P, Beretta....all better triggers. The MK23 is easily bigger than all of these too. Even the XD tactical, which is shorter than a glock 34 or 35.

            The XD went up in popularity, and so it did in price. Especially the tactical version. But it's still not in the HK price range. And like some others have said here, it's a very sweet shooting pistol. The tactical is just as nice if not nicer. I'm considering getting the compact tactical. You get a ten round mag and a 13 rounder with the grip sleeve. The grip sleeve works so much better on the XD than it does on the glock (glock 30 w/glock 21 mags). I say go with the XD if you like it's features.


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              Another vote here for the Glock 21, or, the new Glock 21 SF if that suites your hands better. If you are looking for a 1911-style gun, you can't go wrong with an STI, although they are significantly more than Glocks and SAs.


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                The Mark 23 is a huge gun, just massive. And last time I looked into it, at least in California, its Military Only. I'd be surprised to see one, well ever. Only time I've seen them is in photo's of SOCOM Operators.

                The XD is really nice, but since i discovered the .45 Barrel for the M&P I can care less, since I like my M&P so much better. The XD however has a big quip with me, its loud as all hell! I mean I know its silly complaining about a gun being loud but good god, that four inch barrel kills your ear drum, even with double plugs and muffs the thing is like being punched in the face. Its why I prefer the Springfield Armory 1911's, not to mention I have dumb luck with em everytime, removing the center of my targets, after the first two shots I shoot wander off to the left, the rest are just dead center, its like the weirdest thing, happens everytime too.
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                  Another vote for the Glock 21.Been carrying the same 21 for 9 years now.Love the gun.
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                    I carried .45's for years, usually a 1911 style until we became 'retroactivly incompetent' and Single Action guns were a no-no. I went to the SIG 220. If it has to be a high cap, I like the S/A Para Ords. If it has to be D/A, SIG 220. I never saw the need for a high cap D/A .45, but I was an investigator.

                    If this is a carry gun, choose the one that fits your hand best - you are only betting the rest of your life on it. A toy can be anything you like.
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                      I've been carrying an H&K USP for the past 6 years or so. I don't see any problem with the trigger as listed by boomstick45. It's a great gun, and I, personally, shoot it very well. One thing I like quite a bit, are the factory trintium night sites. Very solid and deputy proof, if you know what I mean.

                      Glock makes a fine weapon, about as idiot proof a design as you can ask for. I have not personally used one, but know a number of folks who have and they swear by it.

                      Find a range in your area where you can rent some guns and put some rounds down range through a variety of weapons. See for yourself.

                      Oh, as for the H&K MK23, you wont find one very easily, and you sure wont find a duty holster for it. It's pretty huge, and not really sutible for uniformed duty carry. Unless you are in 10-8 in Iraq!
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                        GLOCK 21/21SF
                        HK USP 45/45 Tactical
                        No experience with the Springfield XD, however any of these three as standard stock firearms would be good choices.

                        A good custom 1911 would be nice too.


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                          I started off my career carrying an H&K USP 45F. It was a beautiful firearm (stainless steel slide), but it failed me ergonomically. I opted for the Glock 21 and have been carrying one since.
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                            it's just my personal opinion. I feel like the HK trigger could be better. Now the LEM trigger they have IS better. When it came to DA, I've always liked the Sig triggers better than the HKs. Same with the Beretta PX4. Don't know why, just how I see it.

                            As for the Glock 21, I've had a hard time keeping hold of it since the XD .45 came out. I can handle either weapon just fine, but the XD is slimmer. The Glock probably still shoots a bit softer, but I've not had a chance to compare them side by side. I WOULD, however, love to get my hands on a 21SF and see how it feels. My hands are big enough for just about any pistol I pick up, but the XD feels pretty darn good and shoots great. Still, never had ANYTHING bad to say about a G21. Damn fine gun. And I may have to just come back to it one day....maybe soon.


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                              That LEM trigger is pretty cool. I would need to have quite a bit of range time with it before I was truly comfortable with it though.

                              I understand about personal preference and the H&K trigger. I personally like it when compared with the trigger on the Beretta 92FS that my department issues.
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