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Beretta PX4 9mm?


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  • Beretta PX4 9mm?

    We learned yesterday that our agency is adopting the Beretta PX4 as our new duty sidearm, which is a surprise to say the least.

    Does anyone know other agencies/depts. that use it, or have any comments on it? I've never fired one myself and I've heard mixed responses.
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    Some dept in Louisiana just adopted it. Go to the Beretta website and look for news releases on it.
    I have had two through my shop. It is an impressive piece of work. If I were looking for a full sized pistol to carry that would be a prime contender. I havent shot one so can't comment on that but the rest of it looks good. My preference is the single-double type with decocker only but you'll probably get the DAO as most depts prefer DAO.


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      I used to have one shortly after it came out and loved it....totally changed my opinion on Beretta. But then a straight trade for a P228 became available and it was a no-brainer.
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        Still think if you tape a bottle to the top of one, it looks just like a squirt gun

        I never saw anything much wrong with a 92F. The storm, just cosmetically looks silly, I wasn't much impressed with it at the range, very uncomfortable to the hand, didn't like the groups either; Now to be fair I could have been way off that day, but I think the storm was helping.
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          Next to the Springfield Armory XD, and the Smith & Wesson M&P, I'd have to say that Beretta PX Storm is my favorite pistol. Nice gun.


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            Hello Northern Border I am glad you guys are finally going to be able to carry a side arm. I work on the otherside of the water we used to have Baretta 40 caliber. I didnt like it to much never got a good grouping. I am not sure about the one you all are getting. All in all something is better than nothing cause on both sides we are running into armed suspects more and more. Be safe.
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