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Which EOTech for a Socom 16 ??


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  • Which EOTech for a Socom 16 ??

    I ran into one of the State SRT members this afternoon while he was working regular patrol. I used to work a Municipal Agency with him a decade ago.

    His State Tahoe was full of toys including a Full auto AR that had the EOTech halographic sight system.

    Truly sweet. I decided I should have one on my Socom 16.

    What is the best model for this application i.e. M1A ?

    Right now I'm looking at the 512AA but request some opinions from those with experience.
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    I've got the 510N model on my M4. Love it. One of our other deputies has the 512AA on his. Everything is the same other than a little larger battery compartment as I recall. Excellent sighting system, even out at the 100 yard range. Great "both eyes open" capability when clearing a building, etc. The only change I made to my weapon is that I ground off the fixed front sight and put on a folding front and rear as a back up. The EOTech works fine with the fixed front but you will be looking at it as you use the EOTech. I wanted nothing in my sight picture to interfere. Here's a photo:
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        Without a doubt, get the new Eotech 553. They made some significant improvements in this model. First off the mounting system was modified from the single screw mount to the MUCH more reliable ARMS mount. Secondly, they changed the power souce to standard 123 lithiums. They provide longer and more stable service life then either the N or AA models. Plus, if you have a weapon light on your AR, you only need to carry one kind of extra battery.


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