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Meeting the P99


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  • Meeting the P99

    Fired The Following On Tuesday:
    Walther P99 in .22LR >>> Main report.
    Ruger 9mm >>> Not worth mentioning (the slide felt like it was going to rattle of the frame at every shot. Airsoft guns have felt better constructed. I mean that on the most basic level)
    HK USP .40 >>> Buddy's gun, Nothing new really, great gun, but for the price you could get a Kimber, If i felt like dropping the cash for one, I muster I would.
    M&P40 .40 >>> My Personal Firearm, took it to give it some attention, and cycle, some crap out so I could clean it.
    Springfield XD Compact (in that OD finish) >>> Range Rental, curiousity, since it was either one of these, or my M&P, when I bought my gun last year.

    I'm a .40 man myself, its my happy place, .45's are fun, and all the stopping power blah, blah, blah... we know, but I've always liked 40S&W as my happy place between a 9mm and a .45. And I'd never shot a .22 in my life, my first gun was an old .38 cowboy gun I shot with my uncle, my second was a Springfield Armory .45ACP target pistol (still love). And my first owned gun was a .40, so of course I was skeptical when I was loading those push-pins on steroids into that little guy. Anyway onto the review.

    First thing you'll notice is its very comfortable, ergonomically it rivals CZ75's (which by cruel fate the SP01's aren't California legal) famed ergonomic mastery. Its light (obviously). Set it up to fire, and you keep noticing this fact... The gun is incredibly comfy, my god, it was like when I held my M&P for the first time, i just kept noticing how comfy it was. Go to fire, I'm kinda lame in that I don't like venturing for the head (friends are head-hunters. Spoiler: the hostage doesn't make it, in their case.) I like to stay in my little 9 ring to the bullseye happy place, and not get mad when I get an 8 or 7 (not guaranteed). So I squeeze off that first one right smack for the "X" (sorry, fullsize silhouette, was the target) on the target, and low and behold, I get a happy stream of light through the center of that "X", ha-ha beginners luck i scoff, hit the trigger again, figured I missed didn't see another whole, next shot I notice the whole was bigger, long bullet session short, all ten to the bullseye ring... I mean I was surprised.

    Kept shooting, and then I finally got, wherever the gun goes, that bullet is running off along a ruler to get there, such nice grouping. And this was the cheekiest part, It was (hope my M&P dun hear this) one of the funnest guns I'd ever shot. Had this little baby kick to it, the thing was almost cute when shooting, bout as menacing as a box of kittens, but fun.

    In all actuality I'd never carry one (duty wise), in .22lr especially (no brainer wise) but then again, I don't think I'd have the same fun with the gun in a higher caliber. I really liked the lil bugger. In fact there's one on consignment at the local range for $380 with a Walther Laser Sight included, and I aim to get it. And I aimed to tell others how much fun I had shooting it, and how much fun my gal had shooting it too, and maybe just maybe the fun you can have with this lil thing too.

    Other Toys:

    Ruger: Never liked Rugers, Still don't like em.

    USP: Still a good gun, still not paying HK $850 smackers.

    My M&P: Still rockin the 9 rings. Still happy with it, wish I could get just a tritium front sight for it, and find a way to get a side laser in the grip. But my wallet, and my ranges inventory are on different schedules (thank god). My gal bought me some nice pants while we were out... that counts right?

    The XD: It was really tight between this or my M&P when i did my shopping last year, and I always wanted to feel out the other side, but they only had an M&P to shoot when I was shopping. So I checked it out. I could find myself having one if it was issued, but I'm not spending any money on one. Springfield has so much else that i'd take over it, and I had really high hopes for it, but its recoil torque in and left for me, and that just drives me nuts, i prefer right and back, not to mention its shells didn't eject in a steady direction, another pet peeve, it was like all the little creature comforts of my M&P weren't there, and I just didn't like it; Shot well, handled well, and i still think the tab rocks the moon-hole cut for checking for a chambered round any day. I know there are a lot of XD fans out there, and at one time I was aiming to be one, but me and the XD on the simplist description possible, just didn't get along.
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    The right man in the wrong place, can make all the difference.

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    FYI its called a P22, not a P99, which is the 9mm or .40 designation..

    i enjoy the XD myself, might be my next purchase...
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      I enjoy shooting .22lr handguns, too. You definitely need to get one.
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        Originally posted by stangfather
        FYI its called a P22, not a P99, which is the 9mm or .40 designation..

        i enjoy the XD myself, might be my next purchase...
        I almost want to swear on a dime it said P99 on the side, but I went to and sure enough, P22. Thankfully i feel less an idiot since i only referred to it as a Walther at the range.
        The right man in the wrong place, can make all the difference.


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