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Rem 700 or M-14???


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  • Rem 700 or M-14???

    Ok here is the question I am pondering.

    For the longest time, I have always planned on putting together a nice little rem 700 chambered in a .308. This had bene without a doubt the weapon that I was going to learn how to shoot long, long ranges on. But recently I was told that the M-14 which mind you, I am familiar with, was a really, really great weapon that you CAN reach out and touch something with as well.

    I want to hear what you guys have to say about these weapons. Both the pos's and Neg's of each weapons system because I have to make a choice about what I want. I have a couple of seasoned ex military snipers here that are LEO's now that I plan on working with. But I dont want to ask them about this....something of a pride thing ya know. lol

    Thanks for the help gents!!!

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    Were you going to use this for hunting, training for sniper school or just for fun? I would go for the Remington 700. It's an excellent rifle and will definitely reach out and touch someone. Also, I would go with the .30-06, rather than .308. The .30-06 round is more vesitile and easy to find. You can also get it in many different bullet weights, depending on what you are shooting at and how far. If you are looking to shoot 500+ yard shots, go with something different than either one. Happy hunting, or shooting or whatever.


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      I would get the 700. The M1A rifle requires a LOT of work to be as accurate as the 700, and then it's not very durable. I had an M21, which was the sniper rifle version of Springfield's offerings. It had a glass bedded stock, and match everything else. You couldn't even take the action out of the stock to clean it!? If you needed to take it apart, an armorer had to do it!? I found this to be ridiculous.

      An accurized M1A is also pretty unnecessarily heavy.

      After owning one (and selling it), I feel the super-accurate M1A rifle to be a prime example of "mission creep." It is a better package in the Basic or Loaded version, without trying to become something it's not.

      If you want a sniper rifle, get a sniper rifle. If you want a battle rifle, get a battle rifle.

      Oh, and here's one more reason to get the 700.

      Box-stock Remington 700P ~ $900
      Box-stock Springfield Supermatch ~ $1900

      Rings and bases for Remington 700P ~ $100
      Rings and mount for Springfield Supermatch ~ $350
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        M14 series (M14, M1A, etc) are great guns and VERY fun to shoot. They can definately reach out to some impressive ranges. However, if you're really looking for a LONG range boomer, go with the 700. They can be accurized to the point that it will shoot way better than you can.
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          At Last ...... an easy quiz !

          The 700 dummy ! You said long range !
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            haha ok thanks for the advice guys.

            Ok now to the caliber size question. I saw where it was mentioned to go with the 30-06, but why is it that I see so many rifles that are chambered in the 308??? I have always been told to get a 308 or larger....i.e. 300 winmag..which IMO is way to expensive to be practical....


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              Long Range

              If you are going to accurize a M1A, use steel bedding and not glass. Then you can take the action out of the stock without damaging the unit.

              The M1A can be made into a fine long range weapon. Just depends if you need the requirement for rapid and multipal followup shots. The bottom line is that if you are talking about rally long range, then you are into the 300 Win. Mag area and that leaves only the 700P. But does anyone really need a thousand yard firearm??? Not that many.
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                I have gone out with my pistol instructor, who is a gunsmith, and have shot his m14 and 700. we usually quit the m14 at 500yards, but with the 700 in 308 we reach out and touch milk jugs at 1000 yards
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                  The .308 is used over the .30-06 for a couple of reasons.

                  The ought six has a large case. The powder used to propel the bullet will not take up all of the space in the case. This space causes the powder to "splay" out in the case when it is in the horizontal position, such as shooting. This causes a less than ideal powder burn as the powder is now of inconsistent density. Although the ought six is a fairly accurate round, it is edged out by the .308 for this reason alone. The .308 has a better case load density,meaning that the powder position stays the same, therefore the effects of an inconsistent powder burn are much more minute with the .308.

                  This is why the shorter,fatter cases of various calibers usually out shoot the longer cases with unused space in them.

                  Since most long range or sniping loads generally use a 150 or 168 grain bullet, the smaller powder case of the .308 does not matter. Also, the .308 is housed in a medium sized action, which makes for a lighter.more compact rifle than the .30-06 which uses a "long "action.

                  I regularly shoot the Rem,700 in .308,300 mag and the M1A1 out to 1000 yards. The Rem,700 will usually be more accurate out to that range than the M1a1...but how much do you need ? Both rifles will consistently hit a 9 inch diameter steel plate at 600 yards. The M1a1 will do it as fast as you can squeeze the trigger. The Rems require a little more time but will do it.
                  At 600 and 100 thousand yards, the .300 mag hits the plate so much harder that it is easily discernible to anyone.

                  The M1a1 uses a 20 round mag and can hit multiple targets quickly with less effort than the 700 requires. If one needs different ammo,such as AP, its easy to change the mag. It also needs to be kept clean to continue working.Although the trigger can be tuned, it'll never be as good as a Rem 700.

                  The thing is, Police snipers usually don't need multiple shots in a target rich environment, (at least not yet). The m1a1 is heavy and it is long. Since the average Police Sniper shoot is around 70 yards, its really overkill. I would recommend the Remington 700...which is accurate, and easier to get parts for. Accessories can be gotten anywhere. and they are cheaper.
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