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    On a regular basis I will browse Gun Broker to see if there is anything interesting. I have to laugh at the items that are being sold and their price. The seller will put something like "Rare" or "Haven't seen one like this" and then start the bidding at some crazy price. I was trolling for a Smith and Wesson model 1500 and wasn't sure the prices were all that good. I was able to get one through Cabelas for under $400.00. It was originally for sale for about $525ish. They dropped the price on line to $449. By the time I got it to a Cabelas near me they had dropped the price again. I was able to find a 7mm mag that had a "No Reserve" and was in the reasonable ball park but, couldn't justify buying it as I already had a 7mm. It ended up selling for $310. Cheaper than mine but, what the hey. Looking at the others that are for sale on Gun Broker they are looking for someone to buy theirs for $500 to $600. What are these people smoking.

    I have seen that with other guns. They put something in the title to make you think that there is something special about it then have a high reserve. That isn't the only thing that is high on Gun Broker. Also, they will sell silver and other trinkets there. Not sure why but, I always like looking. I saw 5 oz of silver in the shape of a shot gun shell. They wanted something like $180 for it. Silver is under $17 an oz. Does melting it down and pouring it into a mold shaped like a shotgun shell or a 50 cal justify an extra $100.

    I think needs to come up with a topic area for gun sales. I would like to think that the LEOs coming here would not be high.
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    Originally posted by IAM Rand View Post
    Silver is under $17 an oz. Does melting it down and pouring it into a mold shaped like a shotgun shell or a 50 cal justify an extra $100.:
    It most certainly does not. They are just hoping to snag a fish that doesn't know otherwise. The only possible chance of 5oz of silver being worth 100 more than melt value, is if it is a proof 70 coin, graded and sealed by NGC or PCGS


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      Well, if someone is willing to pay the extra $100, then yes, it is worth that much. It's art at that point. Look at the Louvre. Probably ten grand worth of materials - canvas, paint, marble - inside there, but it's worth billions. Eye of the beholder.

      Same with people pricing used guns above the retail price for new.
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