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  • ICE/DHS Acceptable Duty Arms

    Hey men,

    I am headed to FLETC soon and want to start going to the range again. Has ICE decided for sure what you can carry yet. I want to wait to buy one until they make up their mind...no use buying one I wouldn't have opp to carry. However, I was looking at the SIG P226 and HK USP, which I assume would be a safe bet. Any ICE agents out there know the status on this? Thanks.


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    I have a friend that is a firearms trainer for customs down there he has an HK P2000. He told me that some of the agents are also carring the HK USP compact. (We sat over beers last month comparing my HK USP comapct to his HK P2000, not much difference).
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      Not sure if this is correct or not, but I think ICE agents carry the Sig 229 .40.


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        I saw two ICE agents at the range a few weeks ago, and they were both using full size Sig's. I'm assuming 226's.
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          We had a couple of ICE agents in our office this week working on a joint operation. The one that was carrying openly had a P229 DAK. The other one said he carried an HK, but his was concealed, so I didn't see if it was a USP or a P2000. He did mention that it was DA-Only, I suspect with the HK LEM trigger.

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            Hang in there - ICE will give you a gun, holster, mags, and (based on my years with Customs Investigations) about all the ammo you can shoot!
            And don't worry about shooting, FLETC has very experienced instructors who can get most anyone qualified - and beyond if you have the interest.
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