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Appropriate sidearm / Let the smart folks figure it out.


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  • Appropriate sidearm / Let the smart folks figure it out.

    When the new folks try to determine the best firarm for duty or off duty usage..... I remember some advice I received once in the earlier days.
    The NYSP spent hundreds of thousand of dollars testing firearms for the Agency usage. After all the testing was done they transitioned over to the Glock but ended up getting stuck with the 9mm because of state "Politics". Doesn't change the fact that the Glock was the weapon of choice.
    Now they are finally upgrading to the Glock .45 cal. with Trijicon sights.
    The same holds true for duty holsters. After heavy duty evaluations they picked the Safariland model 295.
    When they have experts and unlimited funds to test the equipment it would be hard to make a better choice than those made by the "BIG" departments.
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    Those tests could be a great resource to others making similar choices. I would want to talk to the testers and see the data before making a blanket decision. I've seen first hand where equipment is "picked" by management reguardless of how it performed. If the tests were legit then thats great. Just remember there is a lot of money involved in equiping and agency that size. Companies put a lot of pressure on management and it can become more about money than just getting the best thing.

    I guess what I'm saying is don't believe everything you hear. Try if for yourself.


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      Politics plays the biggest part of it. Just think about it years ago when everyone was going to Glock they where the "best" buy out there. Glock also is one heck of a good weapon. So we lucked out on one. Lucky they did not look at the Smith Sigmas then, we all would have been in trouble. Just my thoughts, no offense.
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