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Why so much negativity about the Glock?


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  • Why so much negativity about the Glock?

    I recently bought one, and I LOVE it and am hella acurate with it. Why are so many people out there anti glock?

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    I LOVE my Glocks. I carry a model 30 (.45) on duty and a model 26 (9mm) off duty.

    Aim, shoot, repeat. What's not love?
    Fear not the armed citizen but rather the government that tries to disarm him.


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      I had a Glock 22 (.40 Cal) and I loved it, but it didn't fit my hand. I think that a lot of Anti-Glock crowd are old fashion gun lovers and feel that a gun is not safe unless it has a manual safety. My personal opinion is, if you you don't want the gun to shoot, don't put your finger on the trigger.

      I'm not sure of department policies, but if I was working the streets and my gun had a manual safety, it wouldn't be on in the holster. I would always have my gun ready to fire because that split second could mean my life. I love hearing about people saying that Glock's had fired without the trigger being pulled and that was the reason given for my local SO to get rid of Glock and go to the Sig Sauer .357. I have never heard or seen anyones gun go off when they were pulling it out the holster without them pulling the trigger. If the gun fits, shoot it.

      I miss my Glock alot, especially the single action pulls everytime, but with my Ruger P89TH I shoot better then I ever did with my Glock, just because the Glock didn't fit my hand.

      “Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway” (John Wayne)


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        .45 is my favorite caliber. Colt 1911 used to be my preference 'til my Glock 21...LOVE it!


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          Some people just hate all polymer framed guns and refer to them as plastic guns. Some people don't like that you have to pull the trigger to field strip it.
          "You didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't."


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            I have qualified expert, and distinguished expert, with the Glock 17 and 19. I don't like them. They do not fit me at all, and I feel the operating system, with the stock trigger, is best left to well trained shooters. Untrained, or partially trained shooters, (such as agencies who issue sidearms every so often, as opposed to every single officer every single day), attempting to access a Glock in a panic situation may be more prone to accidental discharge. Some compare this attitude to double action revolvers, which require a long deliberate trigger pull. Another pointed out the single action autos, such as any 1911. I feel they, too, are for dedicated highly skilled shooters willing to invest many hours into safe use.The New York trigger modification for the Glock alleviates some of that concern.
            I do also agree that the mechanism of pulling the trigger to disassemble seems strange and accident prone, yet I must also agree that the two individuals who I knew personally,( one missing a finger, and the other requiring months of hand therapy), failed to exercise ALL the rules of firearm safety, and were injured through no fault of the firearm.
            So, bottom line, the Glock is a reliable durable weapon, (one at the rental range I worked at broke...at 200,000 rounds.), but should be reserved for those who are well trained/skilled operators, (remember, "I am the only one in this room professional enough to carry this Glock forty."?), not those with minimal or no training.
            Ever wonder why Glocks are in so many police holsters? Ever see what PDs pay for Glocks?
            In the interest of complete fairness, I am a 100% dyed in the wool CZ man, and even attempted to get my Dept to look at switching to the CZ PO1. No dice, yet..


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              Love Glock

              I love my on-duty Glock 23 (.40) and my off-duty Glock 27 (.40)!!

              There is nothing else to say.
              "We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm" -George Orwell

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                Personally, I prefer not to use Glock because the grip angle is counter-intuitive to me and very uncomfortable. I've shot most Glocks, owned a 30, and my fiancee owns a 19. I ended up selling my 30 because shooting it was just work. In contrast, I absolutely love my Sig 220. The grip is great, the recoil is easy and it's just better for me all around.

                Having said that though, I much prefer the Glock trigger, especially for combat shooting. That first shot can be critical and I dislike the long pull of a DA/SA. Glocks are fine guns if they work for you though, I never had an issue with reliability or accuracy.


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                  I dont like em! Not very lefty friendly the mag release digs in my hand. Plus to long of a trigger pull for me. Just uncomfortable. Love my XD though!


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                    Originally posted by RF7126
                    Personally, I prefer not to use Glock because the grip angle is counter-intuitive to me and very uncomfortable.

                    I agree about the angle. I carry a sig on duty (dept issue) and a G27 off duty. After shooting the sig I have to cant my hand upward to align the sights on the glock. But...sig has no weapon that is small for off duty compared with the G27.
                    "You didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't."


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                      I agree with you about the concealability. Glock really has done an excellent job of providing many different variations to suit everyone for nearly every purpose. For that reason I sometimes miss my G30, but I guess that just means I'll have to buy another gun sometime.


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                        Glocks are popular issue weapons because:

                        1. Low bids on government contracts
                        2. Reletively easy to train anyone to shoot effectively
                        3. politically correct when you can't see something like a cocked hammer
                        4. fairly indestructible
                        5. they work regardless of how poorly the most abusive officer maintains his
                        6. Of course the true glockophile will point out; no clumsy safety to have to switch off!

                        We anti-glockers say:

                        1. Lack of externally operated safety device
                        2. Horrible trigger
                        3. It's not metal
                        4. Clumsy and undersized controls
                        5. Its just plain UGLY
                        6. It wasn't designed here in the good-ole U.S. of A.
                        7. I can't hit the broad-side of a barn with it... from the INSIDE.

                        I never had the oportunity for real training on one, but I have fired them.

                        All in all, a satisfactory weapon. Yet, I'm still glad I can carry my 1911.
                        Last edited by KenW.; 10-04-2006, 08:31 PM.
                        I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within.

                        Douglas MacArthur


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                          I don't give a flying pigs rear quarters about a safety on my guns. I have a Sig226DAK so it don't matter. Any gun I carried in the past that had a safety remained off anyway. The only good safety is keeping your finger off the trigger.

                          That said..... GROCKS are generic pieces of crap. Period. Want a good EURO gun buy CZ, Hk, SigSauer, FN, Steyr, Walther. The Springfield XD is a licensed production model from Croatia, STILL better than GROCK! Buy a Ruger P94 before a Grock and save yourself a couple hundred bucks and STILL get a better gun than a GROCK!

                          Incidentally, Grock was not the first to employ polymer for a frame. It was Hk with the VP70 9mm, about 10 years before good ole Gaston.
                          One Shot, One Kill. Anything else is just pu(ff)y!


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                            OK, now it’s gettin’ to be a good ‘ol fashion dee bate.

                            Several have made intelligent comments that they do not like the Glock because it does not fit them or specifically their grip. No problem there, that’s a valid point. Use a gun that works for you.

                            Now let’s look at some of the less valid and more “mine is better than yours” rationale obviously made by people who can’t articulate with any level of creditability why they don’t like a Glock, they just want you to not like it also:

                            Proposed problem: Lack of externally operated safety device.
                            Answer: If you need one, you shouldn’t be handling a gun.

                            Proposed problem: Horrible trigger
                            Answer: Back to the opinion category.

                            Proposed problem: It's not metal.
                            Answer: So?

                            Proposed problem: Clumsy and undersized controls
                            Answer: Apparently not for a lot of folks.

                            Proposed problem: Its just plain UGLY
                            Answer: It’s a gun, not a beauty contestant.

                            Proposed problem: It wasn't designed here in the good-ole U.S. of A.
                            Answer: So?

                            Proposed problem: I can't hit the broad-side of a barn with it... from the INSIDE
                            Answer: Practice. I can.

                            Proposed problem: GROCKS are generic pieces of crap. Period.
                            Answer: No they’re not. Exclamation point.

                            Keep it friendly now boys.
                            Last edited by detsarg; 10-05-2006, 08:23 AM. Reason: Add Southern twang to the word debate.
                            Fear not the armed citizen but rather the government that tries to disarm him.


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                              HOOOWEEE your suthern int'lect got da bess o me der boss.

                              I know I know its all a matter of opinion. Lighten up.
                              Just trying to point to those less in the know that you don't have to be a sheep and follow the leader into the abyss. Think for yourselves and format your own opinion.
                              One Shot, One Kill. Anything else is just pu(ff)y!


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