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    Just wanted to know how many of you carry your department issued ammo while off duty or traveling out of state? My dept has no real policy on the books prohibiting this. Duty ammo is Ranger 180 grn in .40 cal, off duty I'll load up with Corbon 135grn or Remington Golden Sabers 165grn. Both loads shoot extreemly well in both my G-23 and H&K USP 40f as does the Ranger but I prefer a faster round. Thanks for your replies! Take Care & Be Safe!

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      I carry the issued Ranger SXT 9mm +P+ in my off duty weapon. I'd rather spend money practicing my shooting (if i cant get to my range, gf wants to shoot, etc) than on more ammo I hopefully will never shoot. I'd rather get good hits than bad ones with better ammo. From all accounts the SXT 9mm +P+ is a pretty good round


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        If you are carrying "on your shield" (i.e. no CCW in that state), and get in a shooting, your department may not want to defend you - particularly in a questionable shooting. So, if you don't use 'issued or authorized gun and ammo', you could be out in the cold. Since shot placement is far more important than kind of ammo, carry the 'issued & authorized' [and hope you never need it].

        Edited to add: If they don't have a policy allowing carry of other ammo, they just might leave you out in the cold. Lawyers for wrongful death suits are expensive! And the differences in ammo are so marginal, there is little gain but the potential for a huge loss. Carry the issue stuff, and don't worry about it.
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          I have to provide my own ammunition and can choose whatever I like and I carry the same on and off duty. The only stipulation is that we qualify with the same weight bullets that we carry - doesn't have to be the same brand or configuration, just same bullet weight, some weird state of Maine thing.
          I carry a .357sig and because there is no policy on what ammunition I use I chose the same brand/weight/configuration the Maine Wardens Service and Aroostook County S.O., who also carry .357sig. I figure that my choice will be better defended in court if I'm using the same ammo as other departments in the state (should the issue ever arise).


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            We are only supplied duty ammo for duty weapons, not off duty weapons (which we still have to qualify with.)

            I almost always carry my Glock 30 off-duty, which is also my BUG on-duty, so it is loaded with the dept's Ranger SXT 230gr .45acp ammo.

            I sometimes carry other handguns off-duty which I am not issued ammunition for. Cor-bon is a favorite of mine, so I tend to load them with that.

            Our policy simply dicates that the ammunition is a "hollow-point" design.
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              I carry dept ammo on/off duty. Dept provides ammo for bugs and off duty as long as same caliber as issued duty gun.


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                Carry the same off-duty as you do on-duty. Its called CYA.


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