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Glock 27 and BUG holster


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  • Glock 27 and BUG holster

    How do you guys like them the (G27)and how are you carrying them. I am especially interested in finding out who or what company is making good BA holsters. I am going away from the ankle carry unless you guys can talk me out of it.

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    When I worked as a reserve I carried a G27 as my backup. I loved it. It was a great gun to shoot and felt very comfrtable. Despite that my primary reason for using it was the fact that it would feed off of my mags for my G22 so I didnt need 2 seperate ammo sources. That was a big factor for me. I always carried mine in an ankle holster so I wont be much help to you there.


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      I carry my G26 in an Aker hideout holster (www.akerleather.com). Will carry my G27 in it when dept switches to .40.


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        I had a G27. It was a great little gun, but I never did find a good way to carry it as a back up. Maybe a holster in your vest? I tried an a galco ankle holster for it, but it felt a little too heavy. Great little gun, I just wasn't smart enough to figure out where to put it.
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          Originally posted by TradArcher
          I carry my G26 in an Aker hideout holster (www.akerleather.com). Will carry my G27 in it when dept switches to .40.
          Aker makes great holsters. I've used their Executive model inside-the-waistband for about a year now, and swear by it.

          I'm a not-so-proud owner of a department given Glock 27. I'm not very hot on glocks, because in my line of work having a safety catch on your weapon is almost as important as the weapon itself, among other things. Still, it is a perfect size, has admirable stopping power. I use a holster similar to the Aker DEA model IWB holster you can find on that site, but in a synthetic material.

          I wear the dreadful uniform of 'Business Casual' over my vest, if I wear a vest, so I can't speak with any authority on that matter.
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            Best thing I ever did was trade in my G27 for my Kahr PM9.

            Much lighter, thinner and easier to carry. I carry that on my ankle and never even feel it. The G27 is a nice little 40 but it compares not to the Kahr PM9 or PM40. My 2 cents.
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              I carried my 27 in a vest holster cross draw. I would also suggest zipper shirts if you carry it in a vest holster.


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