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Anyone here familiar with Dallas PD's carbine specs?


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  • Anyone here familiar with Dallas PD's carbine specs?

    I recently ordered a Lewis Machine and Tool(LMT) carbine (same specs at Colt's 6920) which I intended to use as a shooter/patrol carbine.

    Problem is that my father was told by a dealer at the Fort Worth gun show that a Dallas officer was unloading a load of Bushmaster's due to Dallas' policy of only allowing Colt or Rock River Arms. I can't find any official guidelines and would like to find out if the LMT would qualify for duty before I take it out of the box and fire it.

    The only reason I can see the Colt/RRA requirements would be the govt contracts, but LMT recently secured the SOCOM contract so I'm hoping it will qualify. If anyone here could tell me if LMT would qualify I would appreciate it.

    If you can provide a link to their firearm policy I would definatley appreciate it as well. I am an avid shooter, but felt that I might raise a flag with my BI if I start calling around about their firearm policies before I'm on the road.

    Thanks, Jerry

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    Know a lot of Dallas officers and have not heard that Bushmaster was out. Will check and let you know.


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      Have checked with my contact at Dallas PD. It is correct that only Colt or Rock River rifles are permitted. They go so far as to make certian that there are no other brand parts, accessories, or the like. If you have a Colt rifle, everything must be Colt, not even Rock river parts on a Colt or vice versa. They are checked on a monthly basis when the officer has to shoot a qualification round.

      Hope this helps.


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        Sorry for bumping an OLD thread, but is this policy still in place? I'm applying for the DPD and am also about to buy an AR. Colt 6920 is my 1st choice and I'd like to get the Rock River Flip-up rear and an EoTech, so this is a no-no as far as DPD is still concerned?

        I can understand them not wanting guys to show up with a Frankenstein IPSC Race-Rifle, but why couldn't you mix and match with the 2 ONLY authorized Brands your Dept recognizes?

        I'm just curious.
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          There should be people around here who would know for sure. If there are those who don't want to publicly state the answer, PM me and I'll say it for you!
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            RRA w/ Surefire M500 is issued.

            RRA and Colt 16" carbines with collapsible stocks are the authorized brands. EOTech and Aimpoints are the allowed optics (I recommend the Aimpoint T-1). If you use a personal rifle, they don't give you any of the other "stuff" like a load bearing vest. You will also need a light system on your personal rifle.


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