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  • What do you all think?

    I just ran into a guy who has a parkarized Springfield 1911-A1......he has never put a round through it....and it is still in the box and has about 4 extra mags too. He was willing to sell it to me for about $400....

    What do you all think....good deal? (never been into 1911 pistols...but always wanted a Springfield just like this one)
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    If you're looking for an original type 1911 then it's a very good deal and I would take it.

    If you're looking to upgrade the safties and sights and all that you'll easily double the price you paid just for the gun and if that's the case I would just buy one of the numerous upgraded models.


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      zap : Would also consult with the guys at www.1911forum.com - post a new thread under Springfield.

      You'll probably find that the price is quite reasonable and if NIB, a very good deal!


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        Good price for what it is. I agree with the above post about doubling your output, if you plan on upgrading parts. The original grip safety is inadequate to prevent hammer bite on the web of your hand (I still have a scar from my GI .45). So, a beavertail grip safety is recommended.
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          The 1911A1 is one of the finest weapons ever made, It is single action so you probably can't carry it on duty, and I personally would not even think about carrying it concealed, but with the right training it is an excellent target and home defence pistol.
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            Good gun for a fair price. As far as carrying one concealed I do every day and love it. Beavertails??? shoot it first if it bites replace it if it doesnt dont. Beavertails can be uncomfortable on a carry gun.


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              I have never had a problem with beaver tails on a carry gun. A gun with a beaver tail cut sits much lower on the hand than the old 1911 GI cut.

              While I love modern 1911's but I think the old GI model with the tiny worthless sights, a nub of a thumb safety, the old style grip safety and the terrible trigger pull make for a terrible carry or shooting gun.


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                Even for the plain model, that is a very nice price for new.
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