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  • H&K USP .45 (Mag Release)

    Was at the outdoor store I just notced that had opened and was browsing their LARGE variety of handguns.

    Looked at the G21C, the Kimber TLE .45 and the HK USP full size .45.

    Really liked the feel, weight and features of the HK the most. One problem, on all of them, I had trouble smoothly pressing the magazine release button. I have rather decent size hands but it is almost as if my thumb is shorter than it should be lol.

    I searched Google and had no luck so figured I'd ask here... any HK wiz or gun nut know if there are aftermarket Magazine Releases for this model? If the button extended just a lil further back around the front of the grip it'd fit perfect and could eject the mag without bring the gun down and turning it in my palm.

    Any suggestions? For what it is worth, had the same problem with all the guns LOL, but like the HK better so that is what I directed my question to.


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    ZGXtreme : Don't use your thumb at all. It's best on an HK to use your trigger-finger. While initially this seems to be really close to the trigger all it takes is a little orientation. Magazine changes are just as quick and having your finger off and away from the trigger is actually a good thing. Nothing wrong with the design.

    I am not aware of a magazine catch/release extension and would not recommend one, otherwise you may have an unintentional release of the magazine. The surface of the magazine catch/release appears relativelly small, but with a little trigger time on the gun you'll find it becomes second nature, even if you go from one handgun to another (a SIG P-226, GLOCK 22 and HK USP-9 in my case) you'll get the feeling for it, and it doesn't confuse you from a tradional magazine catch/release.

    And, if I were you - take the HK USP-45 Tactical...*s* (and a Kimber Gold Combat RL II)


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      I don't know of any aftermarket products to help with your problem. The trick I use for my mag release involves using my right middle finger. I don't have giant hands so it works for me, with larger hands it may not work. I contort my right middle finger to drop the mag. Of course, I'm not allowed to carry it as a duty weapon, so I'm not real refined with it yet.


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        Don't get the glock 21c, it'll ruin your night vision at night. I've shot about 2000 rounds threw mine, about 200 of those at night. You don't need the compensation. I'd say the glock 22 is in more need of a compensated barrel than the 21.

        I've heard nothing but good things about HK's, the gun itself that is. But I've also heard horrible customer service stories about HK the company.

        Of your choices you've given, I'd say Kimber, great gun, great company.
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          after practicing different methods, i find that using my middle finger is easiest and requires the least movement possible of my hand from my normal shooting grip.


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            Try using your thumb and your trigger finger at the same time. Its not so much as a pushing movement, but a downword. It did take some time to get used to.
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              I carry a .45 usp. I agree with Eric. Took getting a lil use to.


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                I have carried a USP 45 since HK started making them in 45. I have always used my triger finger to drop the mag. The staff at the academy gave me a ration of junk for doing so but old habits die hard and I couldn't make the switch to thumb dropping it.
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