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My $.02 on the Kel-Tec P-3AT


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  • My $.02 on the Kel-Tec P-3AT

    I just picked up one of these baby guns for my wife. We went out to shoot it today, and I'm fairly impressed in its performance, being that it is such a small, light gun.

    I was afraid my wife wouldn't like the recoil it produced, but she says she actually likes shooting it better than my Glock 27 - who knew...

    Here are my pros/cons:

    tiny, tiny, TINY (get a pocket holster and carry it front pocket...)
    packing a .380 round in such a small frame
    not a horrible recoil - good for the wives.

    no slidestop
    only 6+1 capacity
    big hands will find it very very tiny
    very easy to misfeed if you limp-wrist it

    Overall, a great buy for my wife, who wanted something at home when I'm at work, and something to tuck into her purse without taking up a ton of space and feeling like she's carrying a brick. She's happy - so I'm happy

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    I carry a KelTec .40 as a back up, and while it has been a good weapon, the trigger pull and the recoil are brutal. Otherwise, I've never had a problem with it.
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      I just got an NAA .32 ACP, 10lb trigger pull and when the darn thing went off for the first time I almost Pooped. What a recoil from such a small gun. My wife hates it, so I guess I'll have to carry it and buy her a more suitable gun!!
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        I also had a Guardian 32 ACP, much prefer my Beretta Tomcat. Recoil was much sharper than I expected.


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