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Whats a good gun for a lefty?


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    Get yourselves together

    Okay heres my take on this situation as its been stated already and i agree with that particular post.

    If your a sufficient shooter and an active shooter, and let me tell you if your in the LEO field you'd best be going to the shootin range as much as possible. And that means more the the required dept annual firearms training.

    I am ex military and i am a south-paw shooter as well. Growing up on a farm and in the country i have always had firepower growng up be it from a bb gun to high powered rifles, and several shotguns.

    I currently own two handguns each are easy for me to shoot. One is the Ruger P90 .45 acp and the other is my duty firearm Glock 21.

    Both to me shoot damn near the same. In many ways the guns are simular but way different. I aim a bit different but to be honest im more accurate w/ my Ruger. I can't explain it, but if I were to rely on one over the other it would be the Glock for its dependibility and durability and the Ruger for accuracy.

    But being left handed hasn't made a difference as far as im concerned in the handgun field. Ive shot many diff handguns and never had any prob's w/ being left.

    Now the prob being left handed comes in the way of RIFLES. ie. AR15 , M16a1, HK MP5, etc.. due to the right side brass ejectors. thats where us leftys end up eating hot brass...and boy do i have the scars to prove it, where the hot brass has hopped right into my shirt colar and got stuck and melted into my skin... OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Saber Arms make a mirror image AR15 - ejects to the left, controls reversed.
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