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pistol grip shotgun?


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  • pistol grip shotgun?

    I am looking into a shotgun for home-defense purposes. Can anyone give me any insight into the pistol grip shotguns? Is the recoil difficult to handle? I'm thinking maybe either a remington 870, or a mossberg 500. Thanks for the input.
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    Originally posted by LEhopeful
    I am looking into a shotgun for home-defense purposes. Can anyone give me any insight into the pistol grip shotguns? Is the recoil difficult to handle? I'm thinking maybe either a remington 870, or a mossberg 500. Thanks for the input.
    Either of the models you've mentioned are perfect for the application. For me, I prefer pistol grip shotgun, for added control and easier handling while doing tactical reload and shooting overall. I'm pretty short, so that pistol grip makes a heck of a difference for me. As for recoil, it depends on the load you use, the best way is to fire up some different rounds. But for CQB or home defense, I use slugs - got a bit of a kick, but it's all about proper weapon handling.

    Hope this helps you.
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      I prefer a standard stock. It makes it much easier to switch to a blunt force weapon if the need arises.
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        The thing to remember with a pistol grip shotgun is that if you use it without the stock extended, you're taking the entire kick and recoil in the web of your hand and forearm.
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          but also remeber, the recoil is not absorbed by your hand, you hand reacts to the recoil by moving. alot more than your shoulder moves.

          i think pistol grip shotguns are alot of fun at the range and very useful for home defense. i would still rather have a full-size shotgun.


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            I really dont like pistol grip shotguns. I mean they look cool and all that, but a shot gun was made to be shot from a shoulder position...try accurately aiming from a pistol grip and see how easy it is to miss, and how hard it is to get back on target. I personaly feel more comfortable having a weapon I can control in my home where my firends and family are staying. My shotgun of choice is a Remington 870 with an 18 in barrel loaded with 6 rounds of Hornandy TAP buckshot. Only mod I have on it is a shell holder.
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              I tried pistol grip shotguns, even took a course from a department that issued them. I still don't like them, and would not reccomend one. They may be fun to shoot, but the accuracy was poor. I want to hit what I shoot at, and the heck with looking cool.
              The best shotgun option I found, was what my department used to issue. An 870, wood stock (short stock for smaller folks), with a 14 inch barrel (requires ATFE registration). Fast handling, good indoors, easy to HIT with.

              Of course, your results may vary. But, as the USMC says, "only hits count!"
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                pistol grip stock

                Speedfeed has a selection of full length stocks w/a pistol grip attached. In that combination you get the support of the shotgun against your shoulder and the pistol grip feel that some are looking for.
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                  Originally posted by Sith Hunter
                  Speedfeed has a selection of full length stocks w/a pistol grip attached. In that combination you get the support of the shotgun against your shoulder and the pistol grip feel that some are looking for.

                  This is EXACTLY what I was thinking. They also have a reduced lenghth "tactical" stock for use with body armor or just to reduce the length an inch or two. These stocks work SWEET. It is what I run on my personal 870.

                  Standard pistol grip (only) stocks SUCK. They really limit the accuracy and controllability of your shotgun. Especially the controllability issue. I'd be more willing to pony up the extra $200 for the SBS tax stamp to put a 14" tube onto a Speedfeed stocked gun.
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                    I really prefer the tactical stock, with both pistol and shoulder stock. Quick to shoulder, can one-hand reload tube without taking off target etc. If need to fire with gun at waist level, more control.

                    Here is an example from eBay

                    alsot threw on a sidesaddle sheel holder so mag tube can be stored downloaded a bit, and Surefire forend.

                    This is what I just installed on my house 870 since the length of pull of the other one I had previously was a bit long.

                    The AR-15 style stock can be made real short for storage or CQB, but if you really like having it as a pistol grip only, the entire telescoping part comes off with 2 little screws, and can switch back. This stock can let you try both and choose which is better for that particular day.

                    I have the telescoping stock for home "social" situations, and plan on getting a second shotgun with pistol grip only for my detached garage, merely so it can hide under a workbench easier. Not as much need for the Surefire forend in garage as there is for bedroom.

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                      Magpul Pistol Grips

                      Hey there !

                      I am really not nice with shooting at range, due to various reason but the most irritable thing while shooting is grippage problem, so i searched alot thing in google finally i came up with magpul pistol grips, the update version really have nice grips.

                      Check this link they really have nice collection of magpul pistol grips.



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                        If you want to advertise, pay for it. Don't spam us with your poorly written BS and bump a nearly decade old post.
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                          In my opinion, pistol-grip (only) shotguns have a special purpose having to deal with special "problems". If you're looking for home defense, consider (1) a solid stock shotgun, (2) a folding stock pistol-grip, or (3) solid stock WITH pistol grip. You're dealing with an 18-20 inch barrel. I tested a 12 Ga. 20" pump shotgun, and at 50 feet, the nine pellet spread was entirely in the chest, with a pattern which could have been covered with a paper plate. With that type of gun, trust me, you want accuracy when you're INSIDE the house and 50 feet, or less, is what you'll be dealing with.

                          Now, consider that you purchase some non-lethal bean-bag rounds for other "problems". You will absolutely want shoulder fired accuracy with bean bags. A pistol grip will not help at any extended distance.

                          You might also wish to see if any of your local ranges rent such shotguns to test fire.

                          Edited to add: Holy Mother of All Things which go boom! This thread is TEN YEARS OLD!
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                            I had an 870 with a pistol grip. change it out to a tactical stock. More leverage to do loads when lock the stock under the armpit can't do that with just a pistol grip. The recoil with my 870 and load was too much (looked cool) unless the perp is 10 feet or less in front of you. It is pretty much useless. sold the 870??


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                              I have an 870 with a speedfeed IV-S stock, love it.
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