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  • Duty gun and sights

    Have any of you guys considered/used the various red dot sight in your duty guns: Dr. Optic/JPoint/Optima, etc? The reason I ask is that we are allowed to make any sight changes, grip reductions, etc on our duty G22's and I believe it would help with my pistol qual scores.

    I am a Reserve officer, so it wouldn't be used daily, just my 8 hours a month or more.

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    When they originally came out, they were pushed hard for what you describe. I (personally) have never seen anyone outside of IPSC using them set up that way. However, the J-Poin/Docter has supposedly been upgraded and is very durable now. They are quite commonly seen on military rifles mounted in conjunction with a long range optic to give a close range option. Personally, if it were my gun, I would stick with the night sights rather than go to an electronic option like that. However, I can certainly see where it would appear to be a great option, just not what I'd be ready for.
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      They still fail the 'my life behind it' test for me. As an IPSC competitor and Rangemaster, I still see too many of them fail during competition. My duty gear has to work all the time, every time, under all conditions. The electronic sights undergo far more shock on a handgun than a rifle, which could lead to the higher failure rate.
      I have also seen too many shooters play 'find the dot' when forced to use an unconventional position.
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        Their is a reason the Marines have the same sights on their guns that they always have, they work every time.

        The only sight upgrades that I could even see being viable on a duty gun are the Express sights and the Ghost ring pistol sights(if your eyes are going.)
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