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Who carries what?


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  • Who carries what?

    What sidearms?

    Bureau of Prisons
    Boarder Patrol

    And if you work in a state correctional faciltiy what sidearm is used?

    Who all carries Glock and what caliper?


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    If you work IN A CORRECTIONAL FACILTY you carry no firearms.
    Officers making transport and perimeter or tower guards are armed.

    Tower and patrol have 870 Shotgun and maybe a Ruger Mini 14 with 30 round clip in the tower.


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      yeah you still have a sidearm on transport and emergency response teams


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        1. Check the older threads, this has been explored in depth.
        2. Current issue to the Border Patrol is the Baretta in .40S&W. Now that they are under DHS, they may be issued SIGs.
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          TN firepower

          i Know that the state DOC's carry 357 wheel gun here in Tennessee.
          My Department carries Glock 22's and anything 380 and above as back up or off duty my self i carry a glock 27 offduty or my 1911 we are allowed to qualify with up to 3 offduty or back ups weapons.
          Troopers carry .40 cal GLocks or Sigs.
          State's Drug Task Force Carry Glock .357 sigs.
          No Department in east tn carries wheel guns as department issue still some old timers carrying them.
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            Oklahoma City Police issues Glock 22 in .40, issues Ranger SXT in 180 grain.

            The Oklahoma Highway Patrol issues Sig-Sauer P226 in .357 SIG for sidearm. Every trooper is also issued Colt AR carbine in .223 w/16 inch barrel and Remington 870 w/all options (side saddle, extensions, etc).
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              My department issues the Glock 21 (.45 cal)
              In the trunks we have a shotgun and a HK UMP 45


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