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Gun needs some fixing, in NJ


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  • Gun needs some fixing, in NJ

    Hey guys, I have a astra constable 380 auto pistol and the back site came loose and is off to the left, I tried to site it in and tighten up the screws but when tightning the screws it shifts on me. I'm going through the academy now and next month is all firearms so I want to go brush up on my aim a bit.

    To my question.. does anyone know of a place in central Jersey that does minor things like this?

    not my actual gun, found this pic on google.

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    Type in your address on google maps and then type in Gunsmith. Up will pop a bunch of bubbles and hit a few to get the phone numbers and give them a call. This is a relatively simple fix and any smith can handle it.
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      worked like a charm, thanks I never used google maps liek that before.. that will come in handy with alot of things.


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        Dont know if you fixed your problem yet. There is a gun shop here in North Plainfield called Rays Sport Shop. I dont know where in Jersey your located. They are on Rt 22 west in North Plainfield, Somerset Cty. The have an indoor range, and an in house gunsmith. Good crew to deal with, they can pretty much take care of any firearm you give em.
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