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  • MP5 backpack/bag

    Hey everybody, new to the forum here, hope y'all can help me out. My dept. is looking into ways for certain bike patrol officers to carry MP5s while on patrol. It's hypothesized that the officer would be responding to a scene in progress, making rapid deployment of the weapon a secondary function. That being said, we've got the option between the A3 and PDW, has anybody seen or have experience with a bag or backpack that can be utilized to carry the MP5 while on the bike?

    Thanks for your help!

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    thats a tough one....I recommend a three day assault pack that has straps on either side of the pack that could secure an MP5 with a sliding stock...ill give you a link ....these packs run between $100-$150 or check your local gun shows... maybe a rigged lanyard could help keep the weapon to the pack or person also...good luck


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      If anyone knows MP5's these guys do.

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        Why not get 3way tactical slings that allow the weapon to be worn across the back like a backpack? That sounds like the best way, imho. The only issue is that the weapons are now openly visible.

        Another option would be to get lightweight Camelback pack (then they can carry water also) and use straps on the outside of it to secure the weapon or a slightly larger slimline pack (Camelback and many others make these) to carry the weapon inside.

        Or, another option, just leave the long guns with the beat car for the area the bikes will be working. That way the guns are secured in the car until they're needed and the officers don't have to worry about lugging around another 8pounds plus ammo.

        If you want more info on any of my ideas, drop me a PM.
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          One kinda off the wall but WTF does a Bike patrolman and I'm going on a limb here and figuring on the pedal kind need with an MP5? Now if your talking about the motor kind of bike, you might be able to have a rack built for it or special order one. Now if it's the pedal kind you should bear in mind how the public will view it. Plus If your officers have to throw down and get hands on with someone and its on it's back you face a whole slew of problems. The problems can be the officer getting choked with the sling, cracked with the sling, accidental discharge, and etc. Take it from me I carry a long gun on a daily basis and and it's not fun to have to jump into a fight with a long gun simply because there is no one to secure it. In my opinion if your refering to the pedal kind of bike leave the long guns in the cruisers where they belong
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            a folded up PDW would be the way to go I guess...you can get ahold of www.bluelinegear.com they seel eagle, blackhawk and camelbacks. Although I think that a FN P90 would be a better option.
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