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  • Government 1911's

    I've heard of the government 'loaning' out numerous 1911's to police departments for their use. Does anyonen know how to go about getting this process started?

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    Unless you have the services of a first class armorer/gunsmith I wouldnt even bother. I carried a military issue 1911 through the mid to late 80's as a MP in Germany they were wore out then I cant imagine what they'd be like now. That said the 1911 is a great platform I currently own 2 but the cost of rebuilding those pistols to current standards would be prohibitive.


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      I agree with the previous post as to the condition of the military 1911's that might be available.
      Also the only way I would carry a 1911 style pistol for a duty application would be one of the new double action trigger types that have come on the scene in the last few years. Olympic makes a retro kit called the fastaction I believe that allows the user to carry loaded and locked with the hammer down and in the safe mode and when the safety is released the hammer goes back to full cock position. The other is the Para ord LDA system of pistol.
      If you like the 1911 style gun they sure have proven themselves a worthy competitor throughout the last century and will no doubt be around into the next.
      Go with something in good shape though and leave the military cast offs alone.


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        The Army does have a program to loan M16's to PD's, for use in "drug interdiction". I have never seen any .45's loaned out. Since they have not procured any since 1945 (the USMC has ordered some for their MEU SOC reciently), anything still in inventory is going to be badly worn.

        And Col. Rivers, I carried single action autos for years on the job. The local SO still carries them. They are still the handgun of choice among those who have had to go in harms way, who have the training & skills to use them. Your results may vary - they do for most civillians, and many officers.
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        John Stuart Mill


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          If they would allow it I would definately carry one of my Kimbers for a duty weapon. I still feel that it a safer weapon than a Glock and definately more accurate.


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            I agree anything the goverment would have is gonna have seen some hard use. However if they had been gone through by an armorer since they were taken out of service, I would have to consider it. I have carried a 1911 Colt Commander in the steel frame model, since before I carried a badge, and will continue to carry it or another 1911 as long as which ever dept I work for will allow it.


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              To bring a Gov't 1911A1 up to spec would be more money than it is worth. They will need new barrells to reliably feed hollow points, lowered ejection ports and tightening along with replacing all the small moving parts. It really is just not worth it. You could buy new Springfields for cheaper when all is said and done.
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              For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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