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"Yugo" SKS 7.62x39mm...Pro's and Con"s?


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  • "Yugo" SKS 7.62x39mm...Pro's and Con"s?

    I am thinking of getting one and I am would like to know folks comments, both Pro and Con about this weapon. Thank you.
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    Good cheap fun, what's not to love!
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      lot of gun for the money

      fairly accurate and fun to shoot

      uses cheap easy to get ammo...


      considered an "assault" weapon by political idiots...

      may not be around when for long when Hillary becomes president...
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        I've owned one in the past, it was a great rifle. Some actually use it for hunting, but you'd have to change out the mag to restrict ammo capacity. Ammo is cheap, it's fairly accurate, but you're gonna have to change out the stock unless you're 5' tall and have small arms. I put the "Monte Carlo" stock on it, looked decent. You can beat the hell outta that rifle and it will just keep shooting. There aren't alot of "tactical" accessories you can get for it, just mags, stocks, scope mounts, etc..

        Something that I didn't like about the Yugo model was the grenade launcher attachment. It made the rifle too long.


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          I remounted mine on a Dragunov-style polymer stock with a 5x9 scope, it works for me like a champ. Just like everyone says, it's cheap, accurate and when you get familiarized with the rifle - it's accurate as hell even without a scope.

          And yes, because of its looks and history, it can be banned by the political idiots out there.

          Got mine in Camp Lejeune back in 92' for $99!

          This is how mine kinda looks like>>>
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            Being an SKS collector, I've found the Yugoslavian model to be very accurate, and very well made. In my opinion, the only drawback would be the weight, (compared to Soviet, Romanian, and Chinese models) and the fact that the Yugoslavians didn't chrome line the barrels unlike the other Communist Bloc countries that produced the SKS.

            I hope that we will see the East German SKS carbines on the market, but from what I understand, that will be a very slim chance.


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              The SKS is a great little rifle. Reliable like an AK in that you can beat it and it will continue to work and work and work.

              The Yugos are regarded as those with the best fit and finish of all the SKS's imported into the US. I've seen the Yugo's selling for 2 to 3 times as much as the Chinese rifles.
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                Sounds like all in all it's a great general shooter rifle. I think I will be getting one this week. Thank you for the input.
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                  Well, I went and bought an excellent condition "Yugo" last week and took it out and shot it this weekend. All I can say is it was a lot of fun for the money I paid for it!
                  "We have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?"


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                    For the money, the SKS is hard to beat in my opinion. They are reasonably priced, and cheap to shoot. Heck, one can purchase one for about the same price one would pay for a .22 rifle.


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