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Trying to devise company proposal. Would appreciate input.


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    I go with Bigun -

    Glocks are excellent pistols, but there is no external safety, period. Forget the company line about the trigger pull and trigger safety device being enough. I had a friend who inadvertently shot himself fatally with a Glock while holstering it in the morning - and he was a SWAT member. Leaving that issue aside, even a new Glock is much safer than an ancient choose-what-you-may firearm of questionable maintenance history, and the nod is to the Glock for stone reliability.

    I was a security guard when I first got out of VN, so I believe I know the thinking of your management. In that vein, here are some ideas to present to your boss, largely already touched on above, but perhaps more concise:

    A good-paying client prefers (not particularly in the order below - stream of consciousness):

    1) Image is 90% of patronage.
    Uniformity and modern firearms instantly command a good image.

    2) Uniformity
    The public expects standards in agents' training, equipment, methods of operation. It shows professionalism and predictability. No gun-toting cowboys to protect them or their loved ones or property. Guns should be in good working condition and repairable through one armorer or source. One make and model is easier to routinely maintain, unless you have a huge agency that has persons trained in other models carried.

    2) Safety
    No rogue security agents, no broken guns, no misfires! From the employer's standpoint, who wants to pay the hospital bill or death benefit to somebody who died due to a firearm failure or accident? I must add that I suspect that if you require external safeties, you can get a break in your liability insurance. That, of course, excludes Glocks. Yes, I have carried one on-duty before - but very reluctantly, despite the other excellent features of the handgun.

    3) Firepower
    If you do have to use your weapon, today's criminals are frequently gang members or otherwise organized teams - more than one person - who have the best firepower available, or at least high capacity weapons. A revolver does not work in today's violent society when the chips are down. Even the local 7-11 store is now frequently robbed by a pair of armed assailants, or more. This last week in Fresno, CA, there were 11 robberies of convenience stores where a pair of armed men hit these casual-cash stores with military precision - and they have not yet been identified, despite video surveillance. You have said that semi-autos vs. revolvers should not be a point of discussion, but if you are working at ports or airports where you are very likely exposed to large amounts of people, I just don't see how you can justify carrying a six-gun. The days of the one-on-one dealy encounter pretty much gone, and a lone gunman is not nearly likely to take on an armed security agent without help. Also, if you review police shootings from any forum, you will see that even the best trained officers rarely anchor their target with one or two shots, due to the stress. It is spray and pray, which means that your six-gun may be empty before you stop the threat. Forget the public relations angle about your excellently trained marksmen - personal experience and the experience of my partners tells me that in the real world, you are wise (an understatement) to have more than six quick shots at your disposal. Targets don't shoot back and there is nothing like really being fired at to test whether you can hit anything with the first shot.

    4) A lawsuit is quite likely. An argument can now be made that your security agency could be sued if it did not properly provide its injured or deceased employee with proper tools of the trade. You have already documented that an employee had a woefully unsafe firearm; and it seems apparent to me that your employer must now at least demand that your employees be armed with handguns that are demonstrated as being safe or be extremely vulnerable to a class-action or civil damages lawsuit, should something occur that results in the death or injury of one of your peers.

    5) I am a citizen who may, at some time, want a security escort. As one of your potential customers, I wouldn't consider hiring somebody to protect me if he carries a six-shooter as his main sidearm. As a backup, OK.

    Yup, I'm opinionated, but I sincerely hope that this helps to keep you and your friends from harm. If anything, I have learned over the years that being agreeable and not speaking your piece can ultimately put lives in danger.
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