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    I was wondering if anyone here has bought one yet, if so, how did it perform for you? Shot mine for the first time the other day, it was fun to shoot, but I noticed that the firing pin seemed to barely impact the rim. One or two rounds out of ten, didn't impact the primer hard enough to ignite the primer. I recycled the rounds and they all did fire the second time around. I know a 22LR pistol is not going to function like a centerfire round, but for what the thing cost, I was a little disappointed. I was wondering if the thing could be tuned up so that the hammer could strike the pin harder, cause it was barely making a dent.
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    A friend of mine got one with similar problems and more.

    He sent it back to the factory and they only test fired it and only sent it back - he was not very happy. He ended up trouble shooting some of the problems and finally was able to talk to a technician and finally was able to send it back in exchange for a new one which he just got the other day.

    On possible issue may be a week hammer spring.

    Another possible problem my friend observed on his Mosquito was on the breech side where the base of the cartridge sits, it appeared that excess metal had been removed thus giving less place for the cartridge to impact.

    Good luck


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      Thanks for the reply, I probably will call the company and see what they can do. I noticed a small gouge on the ramp after I got it home, that hasn't posed a problem yet, but if I had seen that at the store, I wouldn't have bought it. I should have inspected it closer, but it's hard to do, without at least shooting or cleaning it first.
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        The Mosquito (along with many other .22's) is very ammo sensitive. It may not like certain types of ammo.

        If the Sig company just test fired the gun and sent it back, then there is nothing wrong with the gun. It is new, therefore it will be a bit stiff until several hundred rounds are fired from it thus "breaking it in."

        Most .22 pistols will display a certain preference for one ammo over another.

        The trick is to test fire several brands and figure out which ones are reliable and which ones arent, then stay with the brand that works the best. Its not a hard thing to do,but youd be surprised at thte folks, ecpecially new shooters that dont know that.

        Its enough of a problem that a few years ago Remingtion Arms sold a "sample pack" of 5 different kinds of .22 ammo packed together.

        If you still dont like it after you've tgried several brands though it, contact me and Ill give you 75 bucks for it.
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          Thats fine, But I don't see where changing ammuniton brands would solve the above described problems. The feeding and cycling is what I've expected, but like I stated above the pin barely dents the rim. Other than that, the thing is fun to play with, even though it only comes with one magazine, which alone probably costs 75 bucks.
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