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  • Tactical shotgun

    I have my eye on a Mossberg 590 w/ghost ring sights but also like the Benelli Nova Pump Tactical. Anyone have any experience with either or both? Which do folks prefer?

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    Just cuz its all black and says "tactical" on the box, doesn't mean its a tactical shotgun, there's my opinion on the Nova. I've heard/seen WAY too many malfunctions with it and its too hard to accessorize with some of the needed tactical accessories for it to be truly worthwhile as a combat shotgun.

    The Mossberg, on the other hand, is quite good. It was the only shotgun that met the military's requirements when they did the last joint service shotgun. I've never had a problem with my M500. Having said that, I do prefer my 870. But, I preferred my Winchester 1300 to both, so oh well...

    Go with the Mossy.
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      I'd stay with the Mossy. Simply more accessories out there for it.

      That said. I don't know of any other group out there that is harder on shot guns than duck hunters. (Dat's me)

      Day in day out the 870 functionaly out performs both. The finish on the 870 Express suffers in salt and brackish water. You can litterally watch it turn orange. Most folks hunt it a year, then get a new finish put on it.
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