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Bianchi 82 CarryLok Concealment Holster - Opinions?


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  • Bianchi 82 CarryLok Concealment Holster - Opinions?

    I think I like this a little better than a thumb break retention strap. With a thrumbreak, if someone goes for the weapon, at least they know what they are going for. With the Carry-Lok, they may think there is no automatic retention and simply grab the butt.

    I also like the automatic retention, just push it down and it's in there.

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    Because of the locking mechanism and the bulk it causes I would advise against this as a concealed holster. It may be ideal for open carry detectives and the such, but not so for concealed. If your weapon is properly concealed and you don't constantly touch and play with it like you are just discovering puberty you shouldn't have to worry about someone grabbing for it. Just my opinion. I think I recommended it to someone once as an option based on photos and the concept, then I saw one and tried it. All I can say is "Run Forest, run!"
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