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  • Sig SP2022

    Did a search on this and nothing came up, so either no one's heard of it, or it's not that great. Has anyone tried or heard of the new SigPro 2022 handgun? I went to the shop the other day and they had never heard of it, but I see it on the website. Maybe it's just not for sale in California yet? I wouldn't be surprised...

    Here's the link if it helps.

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    According to the SIGarms marketing dude on SIGforum, they JUST approved it within the last couple of days.

    I have yet to fire an SP2022, but for all intents and purposes it's a SIG Pro and I have extensive experience with that weapon. My SP2009 is great, it's been a flawless performer and is a GREAT value. There are plenty of trash talkers, but virtually none that know their *** from a hole in the ground when it comes to the Pro. It is extremely accurate, VERY robustly constructed, and has an amazingly smooth DA trigger. Great weapon......can't say enough good things about it. Mine is equipped with Trijicon night sights and rides in a Comptac Gurkha.....great carry setup.
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      If I am correct the SP2022 doesn't actually change anything from the SP2009 or SP2340. The only change is the accessorie rail infront of the trigger guard which changes to a picatinny rail looking format, otherwise its the same gun.

      I am carrying the SP2340 right now and I would have to say that if I buy another side arm it will on be SP2022 in .40. During basic I had one misfeed out of 1,000+ rounds, along with all the other shooting that I have done with it I would say that in 3,000 rounds I can count on one hand any problems that I've had and I would still have fingers left over. During basic the Glocks, Barette's, S&W's, all had problems, H&K USP's didn't.

      This gun isn't cheap, but it's not so expensive that you would feel bad about rolling around in the mud fighting with someone if it's in your holster. Cleaning is a simple snap, good balance. The only complaint I have if forced to name one is SP2340 is 1 in the pipe and 10 in the mag. The high cap mags are 12 but anywhere I have found them for sale is $45+. Not willing to drop that kinda change for 6 bullets.

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