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  • Rookie needs expert opinion

    Hey guys, just applied to local police academy, awaiting acceptance. I was just wondering, for a rookie (and not taking cost into consideration), what the best pistol would be out of these that I've found: H&K USP, Glock 17, 19, etc., or a Sig P226? Are all of these models pretty good, or am I off track? The academy calls for:

    Firearm-must be one of the following calibers: 9mm or.40
    Barrel length-Barrel length must be at least 3 3/4" long. Only semi-automatics of the following types will be permitted:
    1. Standard double action
    2. Double action only
    3. Safe Action (as it is called by Glock)
    IPS requires one of the following manufacturers:
    Colt, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, SigArms, Glock, H&K or Beretta

    As for what to chamber it in, I read another thread already and it seems like it's a toss-up between 9mm and .40, depending on who you ask. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!
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    You can't go wrong with a Sig P226. We've been carrying them for years and have never had a non-operator induced malfunction. They are terrific weapons that can take a ton of abuse and neglect without breaking down.

    As far as the caliber goes, you want to avoid 9mm and go with .40-caliber instead. Look up the FBI felony stop of Platt and Maddox in the late '80's for an object lesson on why the 9mm possesses too much penetration and not enough kinetic energy.
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      If you're already hired, you better take into account the policy of your department. Around here, the academy will borrow you a gun if you need it rather than have to shell out over $500 for a new gun. The academy guns in WI are all Glock 17's.

      If you're putting yourself through the academy, I would recommend the G17. You can pick one up for pretty cheap if you buy used. 9mm ammo tends to be about 50% cheaper than 40cal if you buy it by the case. The Glock is simple, super easy, and ultra-reliable. Also, the Glock is allowed by (according to a recent study) over 70% of all LE agencies in the country.
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        I'm partial to HK but that said, whatever you are most comfortable with. Try to go to a range and shoot them all and see what is best for you.
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        For California police academy notes go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CABasicPolice/


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          RE the FBI shootout in Miami, ammo has changed almost beyond recognition since then, so "that was then, this is now".

          Find a range that rents guns, try them out, make your choice. For training, I would suggest a 9mm, as the ammo is cheaper and the recoil less, so it is easier to learn the right way. Your tastes may change as you gain experience.

          editied to add: I am no expert (something past that moves under pressure). I like to say I am an RKI (Reasonably Knowledgeable Individual).
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            Glocks have the easiest trigger pull for accuracy in my opinion. It has a more constant trigger pull.

            A .40 caliber is preferred.

            I can't think of any street cop that carries a 9mm.


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              Since Glock is the pistol of choice for most agencies that issue firearms, go with a Glock. You can always sell it and get something else if the need arises. I have a Glock 22, and have never had a problem with it.
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                I've carried both the Sig 226 and the Glock 22. I don't have anything bad to say about either...I know several officers that carry the HK (USP 45 and 40)and haven't heard anything bad about them either. It mainly comes down to the cost...And Glock is just about the best bang for your buck!

                I prefer the 40 cal over the 9mm...big bullets make big holes! You only lose 2 to 3 rounds by going w/ the larger cal and a lot of dept's around me are also going away from the 9mm to bigger cal's


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                  Originally posted by USAcop
                  I can't think of any street cop that carries a 9mm.

                  I believe all MPD officers do in DC
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                    Originally posted by USAcop
                    I can't think of any street cop that carries a 9mm.

                    I guess NYPD's 37,000 officers don't count?
                    Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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                      yeah - but NYPD is in a class all by themselves!
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                        Glock 22 at work, Glock 22 at home it's a good tool.

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                          <required 9mm berreta
                          Happy to be here proud to serve

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                            I'd say if you're not restricted by your dept, go to the local range and shoot a ton of differnet guns. They all fit differently in your hand. It's also amazing to me how different people think about recoil. I'm a regular over on Glock Talk and plenty of people complain about the recoil in a 40 cal. I don't think it's that bad.

                            If you're not a gun guy, I'd get a Sig 226 in 9mm. You can always go to a bigger caliber later if you choose to do so.
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                              Judging by your username, if GPD is where you're hoping to go, we carry H&K USP .40 (fullsize or compact) - so that's probably what you want to get for training purposes.


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