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  • Lasers on guns

    I saw an add for Crimson Trace and Laser Max in a magazine recently. The ad (and website) claimed that accuracy is increased by 300% when the laser is used. The intimidation factor could also be pretty good as well and result in not shooting at all. I was thinking (when I get hired), putting one on my service gun because the extra help CAN'T hurt. What does everyone think? Does your department/agency support them?

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    I had alot of trigger time on a G21 that had a LaserMax. My agency doesn't currently allow lasers, though there has been rumor that it will change this year.

    I've found the laser to be a huge help in accuracy. It has been a help in speed, especially at 7-15yards. It also helps to work on your trigger control as it makes your muzzle discipline quite obvious. I think they can be beneficial for a duty weapon, but should NEVER be considered as a stand alone sighting system. They should be a helping hand when point shooting and aren't necessary when using aimed fire techniques.

    I would probably put one on my duty gun if they were approved (and I had the $$). I do think they are pretty much necessary for a shield man on a Tac team, that is the only place I could see them replacing standared sighted fire techniques.
    Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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      The Laser may be good, but if you depend on it to do the job of aiming for you, you're putting your life on the line. A laser will not work in hazy, foggy or smoky conditions, and what happens if you're depending on it, and the battery goes ? If you wish to use it as a tool to help you when you need it, that's fine, but to use it as a replacement for technique and tactics isn't a good idea. I wouldn't even consider getting one until after I've learned to do it without one. JMHO.
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        They are not allowed here, as they are considered a liability. Granted we are trained to shoot for center mass, and to stop the threat, but a defense attorney can argue that with a laser you COULD have shot to stop the threat striking another part of the body other than center mass. They sure are cool though, and I would not mind having one. With that being said, shooting comes down to TRIGGER CONTROL.
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          IMHO, lasers give your opponent something bright to shoot at night.

          I preffer a bright flashlight that helps you can see the target better and even temporarily blind a suspect at night.

          I don't see any advantage for a laser during the daytime.


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            I keep reading about the intimidation factor. Right now, how many of you are looking at yourself to see if there is a laser dot on you? Isn't the outlaw focused on what is going on, rather than searching his shirt for a red dot? All the guys I ever arrested were not checking their clothes for red dots.

            I think that, other for specialized roles like the shield officer, that cash is better spent on training and ammo.
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              I agree that the intimidation factor is limited and unlikely, however...I know 3 guys who have actually had suspects give up when they've seen laser dots from a Lasermax on their chest. The badguys admitted to having seen the laser dot and said to themselves, 'they ain't f*ing around.'

              We've also heard the same about the laser dot on the Disco Pistol (Taser), it really gets the point across quickly.
              Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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                there is an intimidation factor
                when the laser is on you, you subconsciously imagine being hit... its not a very good feeling

                also, the targeting lasers i've seen are very bright and "glow" on any light colored shirt, so the bad guy will notice it in their lower peripheral vision if they are looking horizontally at you

                they should also see the bright red "light" you have on your gun and take notice

                as to lasers giving the BG something to shoot at
                yeah, it will help them aim at you, and a rail light will also draw fire
                likewise you would need to use both of these devices tactically

                crimson trace grips seem to have a really easy to access on/off button (on the grips) and this would seem better for turning the laser on and off as the situation changes, compared to a rail mounted or custom laser installation that usually has the switch on the laser... forward of the trigger guard
                but i havent used them nor seen how bright their lasers are so i cant comment on that

                however i dont think its a good idea to use a laser while youre just learning to aim and shoot, because i think we should all develop instinctive target aquisition skills with normal sights before using any type of *bonus* like a laser


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