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New Sig owner convert from 1911's


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  • New Sig owner convert from 1911's

    I have owned 1911's for about 15 years, but now have become a rabid Sig P-220 owner.
    I wanted to know how many of you out there own Sig's and how you feel they compare with HK USP.
    I only trust the .45acp to depend on to save my life, please post to this if you are a .45acp shooter.
    SIG's Rule!!!!
    Erik M. Asher
    1911 builder, FPOA/NRA competition shooter.
    Army veteran 13M (Desert Storm 90-91)
    State Correctional [email protected] GULF CI (Forestry Camp)

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    Ive got 2 1911's.

    I also have a Sig p220,225,239 and 226 amongst other things...

    .45,9mm,40 and .357 Sig.

    The P220 is what I carry on duty but I am also qualified to carry a SS Colt XSE Combat Commander.

    I like HKs and think that they are fine guns. I really like the extra capacity of the HK and cannot for the life of me figure out why in the heck that SIG has'nt come out with a double stack .45 that holds at least as much.
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      the P-220 feels a little small compared to the fullsized USP .45

      otherwise they are pretty comperable. the USP feels a little more solid to me but i can say nothing bad about either....just personal preference...


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        The Sig is an excellent weapon. I found the HK to point more like the 1911 though and that is one of my big reasons for going with it.

        I have owned a 220 and found it to be an excellent weapon. Only downsides that I saw in it were the finish and the pointability but then that is subjective.
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          I carried a SIG 220 my last year on the job, but only because we had become 'retroactivly incompetent' to carry 1911's. I own 2 SIGs (220, 228), but 28 1911's.
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            My first encounter with Sig Sauer was when I was appointed as a deputy sheriff. I was issued a P-226 9mm. Prior to that I carried a Beretta Centurian 9mm and before that a 4" Smith & Wesson revolver (CHP issue).

            After a few shootings in my county resulting in the suspects continuing to stand on their feet, I purchased a P-220 .45. The P-220 has been my sidearm for about eight years.

            I've been retired from law enforcement for two years and still carry the P-220 on a daily basis. I recently added a Lasermax spring guided laser sight and it works as it always has. I trust the P-220 and will continue to carry it.
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              Like my name says, I am a SIGman, and I wouldn't carry anything else! I carry a Sig 226 .40 and I love everything about it. The recoil is just right, it fits well in my hand, and its a good weight.

              You can't go wrong with a Sig.
              Looks like someone took their stupid pills today.


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                I own a 228{among other firearms}and I'm quite a fan of it,its one of those guns that just looks badass,{love the sig style}the only problem i have had is that the finish on the slide is wearing kind of funny,thinking about polishing it try out that 2 tone look,dont know much about hk


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                  Originally posted by SIGman1
                  Like my name says, I am a SIGman, and I wouldn't carry anything else! I carry a Sig 226 .40 and I love everything about it. The recoil is just right, it fits well in my hand, and its a good weight.

                  You can't go wrong with a Sig.
                  I use a Sig 226 .40 for on duty as well. I love the Sig, everything fits just right. I felt kinda guilty when I bought a Walther.


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                    lefties beware....my trigger finger hits the mag release when firing on the P228...

                    not as much of a problem with the full sized guns like the P226 but still a concern.


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                      I love my Sigs'
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